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Why You Need to Use Instagram for Your Business

Having difficulty on social media marketing? Do you feel that it is not the right advertising avenue for you? Did you try using Instagram? Since you are here, the answer to that will be a probably no.

With a significant feat of gaining 300 million users within four years, Facebook needed five years to have that. Twitter needed nine years to achieve that. Google+ also needed four, but who goes there? Without a doubt, Instagram is a rising star worth exploiting.

But are those numbers enough? No. So, here are three reasons you should use Instagram right now for your business.

  1. Instagram emphasizes on photos. If your services or products revolve around aesthetics, then Instagram is the right social media platform for you. For example, if you are a renovator, fashion designer, or a car restoration expert, surely, it will be totally easy for you to attract attention in Instagram. Just start by posting photos of your brand’s values or “before” and “after” photos. Your potential leads will be easily wowed.
  2. In Instagram, you will have a level playing field. Unlike in Facebook, with unstable algorithms, and Twitter, with lightning fast feeds, Instagram allows your post to be seen by anybody or almost everybody. Even if you do not use Instagram ads, your reach will be constantly high. Only a few posts of yours will be left alone in the corner. Hashtags also play a big role in getting your photos shown to active users.

Quick Tip: Use a hashtag generator for Instagram called, Grama.

  1. Instagram is made for mobile, used by many mobile users, and will further evolve in the near future. With almost 9 out of 10 Americans using a mobile device with Internet connection, having thousands of users is within your reach.

Also, Instagram is built simply. It is much easier to gain comments, likes, and even share using this app/social media platform. And with the recent lifting off the limiting square images, you can just snap away and advertise your service.

Instagram Ads

To take advantage of Instagram Ads, make sure that you have a Facebook account. Since this will be for business, it will be best that you establish an account on Facebook Business. Once you have a Facebook Business account, you can link your Instagram account there.

Once linked, you will be able to create Instagram Ads using Facebook’s Power Editor (the same one that you use to create posts and ads in Facebook). In it, create the ad that you want.

Select the type of ad — it can be a single photo or a carousel type (the one that changes photos every now and then). Then, specify your target audience. You can set your reach from specific to broad. Then you can publish your ad, and you are good to go.

Social media platforms like Instagram, has become a powerful way to connect with the world. Customer are more likely to be interested in business that have active social media accounts. Apps like Instagram gives potential prospects a place to get to know a brand or a company.

If you have any questions about Social Media Marketing or need a team to handle your accounts, contact us today. Our team becomes your internet marketing team. We can create and optimize your social media presence online, while you build your business.

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