Who Cares about Kim Kardashian?


The top Yahoo story today is about the etiquette Kim Kardashian should follow after the breakup of her so called marriage. Will Kim Kardashian return the ring? Will she give the gifts back? Who could possibly care about this poor reality star who marries for the pilot and divorces for the sequel? This family of reality stars is one more example of those who have traded in their character for publicity and seem to have no boundaries. They have never met a crisis they won’t cash in on.

America is turning far too many of these folks into celebrities who‘s only claim to fame is being famous. They must push the barriers farther and farther so they can keep up their celebrity status. Should we care? Well, yes. But we should care because of the wake of damage they do to the values we hold dear.

When a beautiful girl like Ms Kardashian gets married in a $70 million dollar ceremony, and then divorces for a $17 million dollar payout, what message is going out to young girls who dream of their wedding day? Marriage is far too important and this fiasco further degrades it making arguments about it’ sacred status seem silly. How do we who believe in the sanctity of marriage and fight to protect it compete with this silliness? Even the recent Royal wedding between the Prince and Kate at least held up a positive example for the next generation. It was beautiful, full of wonder, majesty and real joy. There was pomp, yes, but the emotion seem real and the marriage seems off to a good start.

What this recent couple have accomplished is little more than another bout of celebrity silliness and another  blow to the institution. Little girls who dream are the victims. I hope they have parents who model the real thing for them. Or at least can explain the difference.



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