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What We Learned from Social Media Marketing World

Social media management becomes more complex with each passing year. Staying up-to-date with the latest news and updates can considerably impact your business’s online success. Our social media team had the chance to attend the Social Media Marketing World conference of 2022, hosted by Social Media Examiner, and hear the best new tactics for boosting social media results. If you’re unhappy with your online presence, read our takeaways from the Social Media World 2022 conference and discover what our social media management team can do for your business.  

Engagement and Reach Are King

From the Newest Research Reveals by Michael Stelzner, we learned that you need to listen to your platform. For example, Instagram is pushing reels; therefore, creating and posting reels can increase your profile’s overall reach and performance. In addition, it is important to watch other content creators in your field. Content resurges occasionally, and where creators go, audiences follow.

Old-Fashioned Top-of-Mind Marketing

Additionally, Stelzner discussed top-of-mind marketing. When creating content, consider the importance of consistency in social media. Exposure to brands is now driving growth so it is crucial to develop a consistent message for your brand and deliver that message consistently.

Getting a professional team dedicated to consistency, professionalism, and maintaining fresh content will help to boost the results of your content. 

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Getting Those Sweet Instagram Engagements

Natasha Samuel’s Instagram Engagement tells us that Instagram and Facebook stories are unique tools for producing content. Stories are most commonly used to give audiences a glimpse into a company or brand – showing the heart and soul.  

While resharing posts on stories is necessary, the content tool can do so much more. They’re called stories for a reason. Every story should contain a hook to catch attention, followed by the meat of your message, and ending with a conclusion. In brief, make your story just that: an actual story.

Wearing Your Bumper Sticker

Rachel Miller tells us you need to stick to what you do best; she calls it your ‘bumper sticker.’ Consider what makes you stand out from others and how your product or service catches attention.

If you find that a given campaign works, then do it again. Lather, rinse and repeat. When you find successful campaigns, using them should be a no-brainer. You are on the right path if your audience is growing and engaging. 

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Keeping Up In The Online World

These are only a few of the compelling topics from the Social Media Marketing World conference. Successful branding on social media takes learning and dedication. If your business needs help establishing a strong, consistent online presence, Success City Online is here to help. Our social media management strategies are geared toward your growth. Get results with Success City Online, or give us a call today!

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