What Makes You So “Angry” Mick?


I often hear this question asked when they meet Mick for the first time. When you meet him, you meet a nice looking, smiling man and it must make you wonder. People that have known him don’t need an explanation. You see, Mick is one of the most consistently nice people you could ever describe. He is quick with a smile, pretty quiet in a group and very professional at work. So, why the stage name, “Angry Mick”?  Tomorrow is his birthday and in honor of his birthday I will shed some light on the name.

You see, Mick has got it pretty good.  He is, thank God healthy. He lives in America and in Las Vegas to boot! His lifestyle, thought not easy, certainly isn’t as difficult as some. He enjoys his golf, his friends and his work. He has a lifelong history of making good decisions, not the least of which is marrying a terrific woman(!) but I digress. His results have been because of those good decisions. Mick’s lifestyle is kind of the epitome of the American dream.

So what does he have to be angry about?

Two years ago, he joined me on the Success City Radio Show and he took to it like a duck to water. Put a mic in front of this normally quiet guy and a new man emerges. Our Program Director at the time, gave him the name “Angry” Mick after the first show! Who knew how much pent up frustration a happy man could have?  You see, Mick is also a “fair” man. He wants people to play be the rules and receive the rewards of doing so. His frustration stems from enjoying the fruits of living in this, the Greatest County in the World and from watching it erode right before his eyes. Knowing that those who come behind us will not have the same opportunity to succeed or fail that we have had is enough to make this “fair” man mad.

To listen to the left describe “fair” it is some sort of trophy that nice guys like Mick stole and won’t give back. It is as though the rule abiding nice guys want the less “fortunate” to suffer. I can say knowing Mick and many other nice people who had the gall to succeed in life, that this is simply isn’t true.  Mick knows as do most of us, that fair isn’t doling out success, it is about getting out of the way of it. Mick is angry all right, angry that the next American dream is being packaged to look good, to look “fair” but will be a pale vision of what we had to reach for.
So Tuesday (tonight) call us on the show and wish Angry Mick a happy birthday. He is one of the good guys.

5 pm PST 1 (347) 857-2671


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