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What Is That Series: Promoting Small Business on Instagram

Promoting small business on Instagram has largely changed the way a company can grow. Considerations like industry, post frequency, ad spend, and more help determine a path to success on the platform. With clever campaigns and a strong social media presence, companies produce growth.

Get an expert’s look at the platform with our social media marketing team and learn why we promote our small business clients on Instagram.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a free social media service used on mobile devices, laptops, and desktop PCs. It relies on short-form visual content like photos and videos to entertain viewers. An account develops an online identity to cultivate a community of followers and increase their reach. 

What is reach? Reach counts the number of unique users who saw your Instagram content. Increasing reach and engagement are key elements of a good Instagram campaign.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram Feed: the primary source of content consumption comes from the Instagram feed. Much like other social media, this is where to find posts from all the accounts you follow. You can place ads on the feed, too. Users move through the feed quickly, so eye-catching content, like reels, performs best. 

Instagram Reels: as a popular way to create content, reels allow you to record and edit short videos up to 60 seconds long. The reel creation interface has visual effects, voice-over options, and more to increase production value.

Live Broadcasts: you can also start live broadcasts on Instagram that allow your followers to interact with you in real-time. Many brands see massive engagement and conversion utilizing this tool with their audiences.

Instagram Stories: stay relevant using stories – located at the top of the phone screen on the feed. Stories highlight visual content only available for 24 hours unless you add them as a “highlight” to your page. Post stories to update audiences about present moment things and teaser updates. It lets you have a current “news feed” for your account and keeps your business top of mind for users.

Instagram Direct Messaging: Customers can send you private messages straight to your inbox. Direct conversation engages users and produces brand loyalty.

How an Instagram Social Media Manager Helps

Instagram is ever-changing and updates its algorithm every few months. Stay informed to maintain growth on the platform. For example, while Instagram began as a photo-sharing app, it now favors video content.

A mix of videos, photos, and reels are the ingredients for a well-balanced account. As users change, so will the app. Find someone who understands how to use the algorithms to your advantage. 

How an Instagram Social Media Manager Helps

It is common for small businesses to have the desire and funds for social media marketing but lack the experience and time to achieve the best results. This situation often leads to hasty choices and crawling results. A powerful solution is to hire a social media management company.

At Success City Online, we manage all social media advertising, post schedules, and audience communication. Our goal is to take the stress of social media marketing off your plate. We stay involved in the growth of your business to establish you as an authority in your space and capture new customers with the power of social media and web design, too!

Grow Your Online Presence

Our professional team of social media experts take care in telling your story. When promoting small business on Instagram, choose a group that uses proven successful methods. Get results with Success City Online. Contact us or give us a call today: (702) 350-2870.

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