Western Leaders? Well, we hope so anyway!

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By Maria Bailey of Success City Online
The Success City Radio Show team is attending the Western Republican Leadership Conference in Las Vegas next week. We will be meeting with and interviewing the leaders of the republican party and the candidates. Leaders?…well, we have high hopes. Our status as “Small Business Owners” VS “pundits” has proven to be a great advantage by allowing us access to political folks who don’t expect us to ask the same old same old questions.  We don’t ask their opinion of each others plans or want them to point at each other and say, “I am better than you are”.  We ask about business ideas and America as a whole.

We want to know if the candidate for the Republican nomination, who ever he or she turns out to be, is going to lead this country, the whole country. We also don’t just ask them questions, we tell them what we think. So here is an advance preview of us, telling them, what we think.

We think it is time our President stops picking who they represent. I don’t want to hear Mitt Romney say anymore he is fighting for the middle class any more than I want to hear President Obama say he is fighting for the weak and poor. It is cheap, ineffective and shallow.  I don’t run my business to satisfy just some of my customers, if I did we would be out of business. This country is in need of a leader who understands this. We need him or her to finally know the magnitude of the job, before taking the job.

And while we are at it, how about dropping the whole “fighting for this” and “fighting for that” rhetoric? Michelle Bachmann I have admired, but I cringe every time she whimpers that she is at the front of the spear on this fight or that fight. Yuk! and I don’t want to hear Ron Paul talk about the Untied States being the problem because of all the other nations we are fighting.  I want my nominee to start talking about winning, you know, like a team, united towards a goal. A little enthusiasm and some inspiration could go a long way right now. Are any of the candidates talking about this country’s history and propensity for winning?  That is what I want them to point out. We have won before, we will win again. I am tired of the fight, I am ready for the prize already.  Aren’t any of them?

So, what would you ask the candidates if you got the chance? Big nasty policy questions? Conspiracy theories?  Or would you ask them who they are? What they want for America?  What they will do for businesses in America? And how are they going to help us “win” again?

We welcome your comments and feel free to suggest some questions!


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