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Web Design Trends to Watch Out For in 2021

A massive boom of consumers turned to the internet for their purchasing needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Where previously consumers would head out to a brick-and-mortar store to shop, now they open their phone or computer browser to find groceries, decor, gifts, and more.

Consumers are also spending more time in front of a screen through work-from-home projects, Zoom calls, and even leisure time. All this dedication to screening time is a great thing for companies looking to increase their bottom line if their website is on-trend enough to hold a newcomer’s interest.

The good news is more people are online, increasing the likelihood they’ll bump into your website. The bad news is they’re equally as likely to bump into your competitor. If your website doesn’t stand out with a modern, trendy interface, you may not benefit from the increased traffic. Our website experts have put together our top website trends to watch out for in 2021!

Videos Both Explain and Entertain

YouTube is the second most popular website globally, and this is a clear indication that people want videos! Videos can hold so much power in your marketing strategy if used correctly. They can serve as a way to explain who you are, what you do, and why consumers should choose you over a competitor.

Videos cleanly express your brand’s personality, as they inherently require a bit of creativity to produce. Placed strategically on your website, they serve as an excellent way to captivate your audience. A luxury jeweler can use video on their website to highlight the sparkle in their gemstones.

A hairdresser can advertise his skills to potential clients by showing recent, stylish cuts. The goal of embedding videos is to capture the viewer’s attention long enough to form an impression. On average, a consumer will only stay on a webpage for a few seconds, but using a video that keeps them there a few minutes, your chance of making a sale, booking, or other forms of business go way up.

 Mobile-Friendly Websites Are An Absolute Must

There are 2.71 billion people on the planet who use a smartphone, which means billions of people have the potential to see your brand during their daily browsing. Because of this demographic, you must stay on-trend with having a mobile-friendly website.

When many designers say mobile-friendly, they mean responsive. A responsive site is one that has a display built to show differently on every visible platform. An image on a responsive site may be on a computer desktop screen but automatically shrink down to be smaller on a mobile device which means, a person can’t view the site correctly.

A mobile-friendly site is a rising website trend for 2021 where there are two different website codes created but can be interchangeable. Each version contains roughly the same content, but is built specifically for the device it’s being viewed on. While it may be more effort to maintain two sites, consumers have generally positive responses for sites built, just for their preferred browsing method.

Sustainability Affects Brand Perception Online

A website trend we’re predicting will be huge in 2021 is a focus on sustainability. Younger generations have been showing a proclivity in recent years towards companies that focus on eco-friendly practices.

Simply put, being green matters! To capitalize on this attention, highlight your sustainability practices on your website. A beautifully designed website page explaining new initiatives your company is taking to reduce carbon emissions, single-use plastics, or unnecessary packaging can leave an impression with eco-conscious consumers.

If you don’t have any sustainability practices in current use, that’s okay! You can still use this website trend to your advantage by making a plan, setting a timeline in place, and using that to attract new consumers.

Complementary Colors Lend Visual Appeal To Your Website

Color is an extremely important tool for your website design. Much of what makes up a consumers’ first impression is subconscious. They may register whether or not they like your colors without even realizing it. If their subconscious decides the colors you use are unappealing, you run the risk of that consumer departing before ever getting into the meat of your company.

Color theory has a long history in marketing, but online it’s easier than ever to find complementary colors that fit your brand. Plenty of online tools will help you identify a color scheme that draws consumers in.

Depending on your brand’s identity, you may want to go bold with a bright orange-and-teal option. Soothing colors, such as pastel blue and peach, have been spotted as a rising website trend for 2021. Switching colors on your site is an easy way to give it a facelift, increasing your engagement with new and existing consumers alike.

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