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Website Tips: How to Create a Sleek Design

A new visitor who stumbled upon your site will spend less than 10 seconds deciding on whether they want to stay or hit the back button. You have to make a great impression on those crucial first moments if you want to earn that visitor’s business.

The way to make a good first impression in today’s online world is by having a sleek website design. Keep in mind: by sleek, we don’t mean bland. A sleek website design encapsulates your brand’s personality while remaining functional. How do you build a design like this? Our experts have tuned in with their top website tips!

1. Mobile-Friendly Website Design Is A Must

 Mobile devices account for over half of all web traffic in 2020. If you don’t have a website that responds well to mobile viewing, you’re leaving over 50% of the population behind. An enormous limitation to impose on yourself! A mobile version of your site should contain all the same relevant information and links but scaled down to fit on a smaller screen.

You can also tailor graphics to be easier on the eyes when viewed on a small device. Menus should be easily accessible; someone who opens a site on their phone won’t want to scroll down until they find the link they want.

2. Sleek Website Designs Are Easy To Read

There’s a delicate balance between having good search engine optimization that encompasses a lot of keywords and having a site packed with unnecessary verbiage. A sleek website design is one that is immediately easy to read. Meaning, paring down content to digestible paragraphs or, ideally, sentences.

Highlight key phrases by using a different text color or bolding the text. Most importantly: check your grammar. Poor grammar destroys trust in consumers. Even if you have easy-to-read text sizes and fonts of the content itself are filled with typos the consumer will assume you’re not as put-together as you should be.

3. Keep Your Website Simple to Navigate

Like we mentioned above, no one wants to scroll through your entire website to find the one link they need. Simple is almost always best when it comes to sleek website designs. Having a clear navigation bar with an organized link system is the best way to incentivize potential consumers to stay on your website until they find what they need.

Imagine your website is a river, and your customers are out canoeing. Would they find it a more relaxing experience if they were on a gentle path or white water? Most likely, the gentle path! Guide your site’s visitors to their destination with clear, easy-to-find navigation, and they’re likely to want to stay.

4. Visually Align Each Aspect With Your Branding

A sleek website design sticks to your companies’ branding while being easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and easy to read. It may sound like a lot to balance… And it is! Aligning each part of your website with your brand goes farther than changing some colors.

Does the tone of each text block convey your company’s personality? Are the graphics cohesive, or do they bounce from style to style? Having a mismatched site, no matter which elements are mismatched breaks the trust you want to form with each site visitor. Consumers are looking for sleek, well-designed sites that say, this is who we are.

Your website should scream your company’s culture! If you’re not 100 percent sure how to pull this off, it’s time to bring in the experts. Working with a professional website design team can help you create a sleek site with no stress on your end.

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