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Website Management Team Shares Why it’s Worth Adding Blogs to Your Website

When you have to manage every nook and cranny of your business, you may find yourself wondering what’s the point of taking the time to blog really is. It’s common to see the immediate results from, for example, a social media campaign, and feel like your blog isn’t quite as important. If it doesn’t result in a transaction, why would you bother with it? Well, when you work in website management as we do, you see the entire picture.

Our team sees not just your social media campaigns, your website sales, and your clickthrough rate – we also get an insight into how well you are connecting with your clients. Simply getting clicks isn’t enough if you’re not building a solid relationship with visitors. Why add a blog to your website? Adding a blog is one of the best ways for you to content market to your ideal client base, and as a bonus, it’s one of the most cost-efficient ways to do so.

Think of the internet as a sea. The common saying ‘there are a million fish in the sea’ is incredibly applicable both in the dating and the business world. When you launch a website, you might have a killer product that would eat any competition. If you don’t have content that draws consumers to you, then you’ll just be floating in the middle of the sea.

When you blog, you add a separate page to your website. Put simply, the more pages that you have on your website, the bigger that you are. This doesn’t mean that you should go and create blank links that just branch into single-word pages. Creating engaging content (such as through a blog) will create more traffic, and ultimately increase your visibility.

When you Google something, you most likely are going to stick within the first page of suggestions to find your answer. The reason that sites show up on that first page of suggestions is that of their content and their visibility. A blog is an easy and affordable way to add content that search engines latch on to and help boost your visibility.

Remember how we mentioned earlier that you had a successful social media campaign and probably think that’s more important than blogging? Guess what – they go hand in hand! Blogging is essential to the world of social media, as it gives lasting content that people want to share.

Your blog becomes more than just a piece related to your company’s services or products; a blog is a link out to the world with your personal stamp placed onto it. By adding a blog to your website, you’re putting a page out there that is inherently sharable. Highlighting something that answers a question, delves deep into insight related to your business, or even solves a problem someone might be experiencing will lead your consumers to want to share the information. When you have a blog, you have a way to connect with new clients that rely on their social group to provide information.

The biggest reason that we always recommend adding a blog to your website is more simple than social media connection or increased search engine traffic: you can create a relationship with your clients through a blog better than through any other channel.

Your website most likely has pages filled with information on specific things (maybe a particular product or a service you provide), and it’s difficult to really engage with people through something that you are writing solely to give information. Connecting with both current and future clients is about establishing an open forum.

By creating a blog, you lend credibility to yourself. You show your personality, share your thoughts, and seem more like a friend than a corporation through a blog. Because of this camaraderie created through your blog, you can not only keep your current customers comfortable but add new ones – and we think that’s well worth the low price of adding a blog to your site.

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