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Ways to Boost Your Social Media Engagement in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic brought people indoors and in front of screens for unprecedented amounts of time. They fill that time by browsing social media and among other things! More people are searching for new brands and products through social media than ever before.

You have an incredible opportunity to reach new clientele through your existing channels. How can you boost your social media engagement this year? Our experts have got you covered!

Respond to All Forms of Communication

What makes people want to talk to you on social media? You, responding! One of the best ways to create brand loyalty with online customers is by engaging with them across multiple channels. By responding to comments, DMs, and replies on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok, you’ll show customers you do care about them.

This makes them more likely to return to your page or like your posts, and the more people who come to your page or engage with your posts boosts the social media platform’s algorithm, so they promote you more organically. Over time, this engagement translates to new customers seeing your company’s content. 

Put More Effort Into Stories

What seemed a short-lived feature boomed into a universal social media method. Stories started on Instagram and spread to settle into every single major platform available, including YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. They’re all similar in size and style, allowing you a set amount of time to display a video or image that will only stay up for 24 hours.

Consumers love the bite-size morsel of behind-the-scenes information provided by stories. It’s become an incredible way to show the personality behind your brand. Get creative with posting stories like demonstrating how-to’s, special events, etc. The important thing is to constantly stay engaging by regularly posting content, instead of sporadically doing so.

Experiment With Different Content and Platforms

Each platform (Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.) has its target demographic. Tiktok attracts millennials while Facebook remains full of baby boomers. To boost your social media engagement, experiment with different content and platforms to find the right fit for your brands like Goldilocks and her porridge, not every platform is going to offer you a return on investment.

If you’re a company specializing in, say, dance apparel, you may benefit from reaching young dance enthusiasts on Tiktok. Brands with highly visual aspects can see a boost from posting Instagram stories of their creative, colorful displays. This year, try out a variety of different content and platforms. You won’t know what resonates with potential clients if you’re not putting it out there!

Revisit Your Old Hashtags

Instagram allows up to thirty hashtags per post. This may seem like a lot, but think about it – hashtags are how Instagram logs content. Only putting one or two hashtags on a post means it’ll only get stored in one or two places.

Putting the full thirty on a single post means that post now has the chance of being discovered in thirty different places. Revisiting your hashtags is a simple, easy way to get a lot of exposure! Comment any missing hashtags without editing the original post (which would delete the places it previously showed up).

Try to think of hashtags that are relevant to your brand but not too generic. Bland hashtags end up being oversaturated (think of #mealprep, which has millions of posts on Instagram). The more specific, the better!

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