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I like millions of others caught a virus this week. I also received an email from Scott Muelrath, the new CEO of the Henderson Chamber of Commerce. Scott is on a mission to rebrand the Chamber and I think he is up to the task. In the e-mail Scott labeled me with “contagious enthusiasm!”  He wasn’t talking about my cold. I didn’t have it yet.

This weekend we got to experience viral growth on Success City Online!  I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about it! Just as we planned, (well, okay, hoped) one of our blogs went viral and reached a massive audience. The best part was it is a first time blogger who achieved it. Here is the story in case you missed it.

While I am very glad to share this success it also affirms my belief that America is looking for something old. And what is old is new again. It is the pioneer spirit that began this great nation. That spirit is the longing to step out into unknown territory and see what’s out there with no guarantees of success, just the opportunity to succeed or fail, win or lose, thrive or not. It is what makes America work.

It is why I am so in love with entrepreneurs. To have the guts to take an idea and turn it into a business is something to be admired. It is reminiscent of our pioneers looking West and saying, “why not”. Even though it was dangerous and sort of crazy, they had to do it. Friends said they must be sick to step out and rough it. But they had to act. Where would we be if they hadn’t been a little crazy? What if our entrepreneurs had played it safe? Maybe they were all sick with a virus but boy am I glad. Aren’t you?

So we have Success City Online, a site that celebrates the courage of the entrepreneurs. It is a little rough, a little less perfect. Our contributors are not professionals- but they are experts. They are pioneers in their own right.  I think we may have grown tired what we have been offered. So much in media is polished and refined. So many talented and educated writers are out there, but maybe they have been writing a little too long. Just as so many of our politicians are in office so long they lose touch with their constituents. How can you serve when you don’t really even know who you are serving anymore? Glenn Beck used to say on his TV show that our next President would not be so perfect and polished. He or she would be a little rough around the edges. I am still hoping he is right about that. We will see.

I hope Scott Muelrath is right too. I look forward to the Henderson Chamber of Commerce’s new brand coming out from the safety of the past and into the scary new world of what’s out there. I hope they get the fever and go a little crazy as they emerge into the next era. It will be contagious.

Maria Bailey


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