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Top 5 Tips for Using Periscope

Periscope is a live streaming video app that allows users to share live events and deliver information in real time. It’s a great opportunity for brands/companies to engage and have a live chat with their followers and anyone in the world.

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Are you ready to get started on one of the top trending social media platforms? Here are top five tips for using Periscope:

1. Get Your Tools Ready

Be sure you have the tools you need before going live. If you’re the only one scoping, use a selfie-stick or a tripod to avoid shaky hands. If you’re at an event, ask a colleague to record you.

2. Select A Theme

Brainstorm for topics before you broadcast. Write down three key points you want to cover, then create a catchy title. Try to get creative with emoticons to grab potential viewers’ attention. For example, “#SocialMediaTips 3 Tools You Should Use for Instagram.”

3. Be Discoverable

Turn on Twitter post, so your followers on Twitter can be notified. Periscope is now streaming on Twitter feeds, so your followers can watch on either platform (available for iOS users). Turn on the location arrow, if you choose to share your location. If you want all viewers to chat, be sure to activate the speech bubble.

4. Start Broadcasting

Once you tap broadcast, start by showing your company logo or your topic. Welcome everyone and announce that you will be starting soon. Cover your three key points and engage with viewers by asking them questions. Wrap up by thanking your viewers for tuning in, then encourage them to share and follow your other social media platforms.

5. Share Scope Across Social Media Profiles

Periscope is a great way for brands and companies to share their latest news and interact with their fans. It also transcends a new kind of communication to a huge variety of market.

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