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Top 5 Reasons Why Small Business Owners Should Use Google AdWords

As the leading search engine on the Internet today, Google is being used by more and more people to seek information, products, or services. For small business owners who want to keep up with the competition, here are the top 5 reasons why you should use Google AdWords.

It’s a faster way to get traffic.

There’s no better and faster way to drive traffic to your website than AdWords. SEO is good, but it takes time before your website lands on page 1 of Google search results. Also, Google is always updating its search algorithms. Your website may be on page 1 today but it could land on the second or the third page after the next Google update.

It’s the only guarantee that your business can show up on page 1.

Google is constantly changing what it wants to show up on page 1 but the ads will always be present. There used to be a lot of videos on page 1 but there are only a few of them now. The Map’s pack used to have 10 listings of businesses but now they are down to 3. If there’s one thing that Google will not take away, it is AdWords, which generates over 90% of the company’s revenue.

You can target your exact audience.

AdWords allows you to reach your target audience. More and more people are browsing the Web looking for answers or solutions. Your website and its content are viewed instantly by your audience when they are searching for services, products, information, or deals that you offer.

Adwords is a flexible marketing tool.

Unlike traditional advertising where you pay for the ads whether you have a busy or slow season, Google AdWords allows you to turn off your ads so you don’t have to worry about paying extra. You can test out offers. You can even test out new services or products to a small area and expand to a wider one if you see that it is successful — and you won’t waste a lot of money doing that.

Your small business gets a higher ROI.

If you set up your ad campaign correctly, you can have the best return on investment (ROI) for your small business. Pay-per-click is no doubt one of the best ways to drive traffic to your small business and reach your target customers – so you can effectively increase your sales. However, mastering Google AdWords is time-consuming.

With Success City Online, you will gain a team that can manage your pay-per-click campaigns, so you can focus on your main business. You can be confident that your ads/keywords are frequently optimized and fine-tuned by our Google AdWords certified experts.

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