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Tips From a Top Las Vegas Web Design Agency

Good web design can make or break your brand. It can be complex and requires solid knowledge of current web trends. Check out some web design tips from expert web designers at Succes City Online, and take your marketing to the next level.

Web Design Tips

The right website requires much more than just signing up for Google Analytics and following your traffic. A good website appeals to the viewer and is user-friendly, clear, and organized. Here are a few crucial tips.

Arranging Your Items

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Start by determining the most critical elements of your site, then create a flowing eyeline that draws the viewer there. Make your products prominent with the right color, size, and visual appeal to stand out. Large items should be at the top of the page, while small things should be lower on the page.

Your Headline

Next, create a headline that is strongly key-phrase-focused. This will help develop your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Keep it clear and easy to understand. Don’t get too clever. Be descriptive and straightforward. 

Use Calls to Action Properly

Calls to action are important, but don’t stack them all in one place. Scatter them throughout your site and your landing pages. This will get you much better engagement. A call to action right up front can turn people off.

More Information Is Better

It’s impossible to answer every question everyone might have, but do your best! Contrary to popular belief, longer pages increase lead conversion because they offer more information.

Stick to Sleek, Simple, and Modern Design

At the same time, keep your design clean and modern. The more complex it looks, the worse it will perform. Stick to standard, easily recognizable layouts. Don’t get too intricate with your graphic design.

An expert should know how to naturally incorporate these tips and more. Learn additional skills every good web designer needs here.

What Features Does Good Web Design Incorporate?

Every good website has strong search engine optimization, both general and local. This is what makes your site appear in web searches. Chat features are also a must-have; people want the ability to reach out and speak to someone right off the bat. Contact forms are always helpful, but chatbots can answer frequently asked questions. This can be a turnoff for some folks, so consider having a live chat available as well.

We live in a visual society. Although you may want to keep tied to your personal taste, the right images are vital. Videos are also essential; websites with videos get far more conversions than those without.

Finally, make sure your design is responsive and mobile-friendly. More people than ever are accessing websites with their phones.

What’s the Process for Custom Web Design?

SCO JAN B2c - Mick and Maria

Our process for web design is relatively straightforward. 

  1. Meeting to discuss your needs
  2. Market analysis — researching your competition
  3. Content and navigation development
  4. Preview of the design
  5. Training your people on the site’s CMS (content management system)
  6. Ongoing web maintenance, if desired

When to Hire Expert Web Designers in Las Vegas

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It’s easy enough to sign up for a service with templates; however, working with a reliable team at Success City Online will get you the results you need. Contact Success City Online for expert web design services today!

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