The Top 5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Kick-Ass Social Media Company

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You are the owner of a small business. After three or four years of hard work, you have multiple clients and employees. Your company is a success. You have a good website, but it does not bring any new leads. Up until now, clients have come from referrals, networking, or word of mouth. Now it is time to use Social Media to take your company to a higher level.

You have a Facebook page that you never use and a LinkedIn account you never set up. In other words, you know nothing about Social Media, so how are you to know which Social Media company is the one to manage your company’s Social Media? Here the top 5 things to know to hire a kick-ass Social Media company.

  1. Make sure they are a well-established company. This is the same as when you hire any consultant. Ask how many years they have been in business, how many clients they have, how many employees they have, etc. The last thing you want is to hire a one-person company that can’t handle the work.
  2. Do they communicate well? When you call them, does an employee of the company answer? If you leave a message, do they quickly return your call? How fast do they respond to e-mails? If they have a chat, do you communicate with an actual member of their team or a person in India?
  3. Take a close look at the owner of the company. Many Social Media companies are owned by twenty-something people that may be knowledgeable in Social Media but have no business experience. These companies often quickly fail due to poor financial management, leaving clients high and dry.
  4. Everybody wants to believe they are a Social Media expert. Maybe they are or maybe not. Ask to see the accounts they manage. Do the accounts have a lot of engagement (likes, comments, and shares)? Are the posts exciting to look at or are they dull? Picture your Social Media account as one they would manage. Would you feel you are getting your money’s worth from their service?
  5. Most importantly, if you are interested in hiring them for your Social Media, look at their company’s Social Media. Go to their website and find their Social Media icons. It is vital they have well developed Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts. In addition, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter should be robust. There should be posts every other day if not every day. In addition, these platforms should have at least 3,000 followers each. If the Social Media company you are considering does not meet these minimums, they will not be able to manage your Social Media.


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