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The Power of #Hashtags

Do you ever wonder why people are including #hashtags on their social media postings? #this #that #companyname #instadaily #mom #RTW #etc. Well, let us tell you why. The power of the hashtag is real, and it has become one of the most powerful tools around for small and big business owners. It represents an important social media strategy to get fans and users to engage.

It instantly links posts to a group of others about the same topic and quickly updates a group of likeminded users in real-time. A simple and fitting hashtag can even separate you from competitors, drive brand recognition, and positively impact customer loyalty.

Twitter originally created Hashtags, and it served as a way to categorize messages, conversations, and events. Now, it has turned into something much more valuable. It’s being used to mark keywords in a Tweet and as a way to discover conversations. It has become a method of tagging and live searching for users and potential customers. It’s also giving an instant brand or product reviews for potential prospects.

So now that you know what a hashtag is, it’s time for you to know the basics and the best practices of using hashtags.

Hashtags Basics

Hashtags can be placed anywhere in a post, but be sure that you keep it short and simple. Make it a unique and detailed hashtag that will stick to the reader’s mind. Try to capitalize so that it’s easy to read. (#SCO #GetFoundOnline) Be sure to use a keyword or phrase to categorize posts that will easily show up in any platform’s search box. This is also a way to keep up with live trending topics and conversations on Twitter, the most popular pictures on Instagram, and the most popular posts on Facebook.

On Twitter, you will see a box of several top trending hashtags you can join into. It instantly gives you access to posts from a group of users about the same topic in real-time. This is also a way to grow followers and re-tweet relevant posts that may entertain your current followers.

Source: “Social Media For Small Businesses: How To Harness The Hashtag (Infographic)”

Hashtags Best Practices

According to, “Using Hashtags in Social Media: A How-To Guide,” by Mila Araujo, brand-generated hashtags are effective if your posts give a group of people who are already interested in a specific category, a reason to talk about and relate to. You always want to keep it simple, be specific, and use call to action. Placing a #hashtag in a well-trafficked public location can generate buzz about your brand, product, or service.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

There are thousands of new hashtags created every day, so it’s always good to double-check if its already been used or if it’s a trending topic you’d like to be included in.

Keep it to 3 tags or less per post and if you need more to get more eyes on the post, simply create a separate post or comment.

Applying a more specific hashtags made by your company can help you stand out from the rest of the other similar posts. Plus it will make it more appealing to your audience. For example, you can use #PedegoHenderson or #PedeGOhaveFUN instead of #bikes #Pedego. Therefore, it’s all about YOU and your BRAND. Try to be open to creating one of your own.

Use #CallToAction
Hashtags are only effective when your customers use them. Encourage fans and customers to use them when they make a purchase. This will enhance and increase eyes on your social media sites. With the right and appropriate hashtag, you can also start and track conversation to obtain feedback, reviews, concerns, and even followers.

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