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The Most Important Hacks Before Creating a Website Design

Your website design is arguably the most important representation of your company nowadays. Almost 45% of the entire world’s population owned a smartphone in 2020, which means they’ve got a way to check out your business from anywhere in the world right in their pocket.

Think of the internet as a highway and your site as a billboard. Endless people could see it, and you need to make sure they like what they see. Here’s our take on the most important hacks you need before creating a website design.

Get the Basic Layout Right

What makes a website design suitable? A combination of functionality and aesthetics! Pretty websites that don’t allow easy navigation won’t generate any business, and boring websites that are easy to navigate but hard on the eyes won’t help increase your revenue.

This hack involves creating a rough draft layout before committing to a design. Write down what you need, like a contact page. Once you have a written list, sketch out your dream page.

Talk over options with a Success City Online web designer to make sure the flow works with your brand and needs, and use this to flesh out your website. By identifying what you need first and building a rough draft around that, you can determine what will help boost your brand or not do you any favors.

Design Around Your Website’s Navigation Menu

A functional website needs the right navigation menu. Imagine yourself as a completely new user on your site. Someone clicks on your homepage and lands on a stunning landing page.

How do they know where to go next? Have your navigation menu be a shining beacon of information. Do you want them to contact you quickly? Make sure that the ‘contact us’ button is big! Maybe you want them shopping around? Highlight your sales button.

Subtly Point to Money Makers with Your Website Design

Make your website work for you with this hack! There’s nothing wrong with subtle mind tricks played using your website design. Things like bold text headers highlighting items on sale, background graphics pointing to call-to-action buttons, and helpful integrated contact forms are all ways to generate leads or sales. Anything that works to draw the user’s eye toward your CTA (call-to-action) will result in money-making!

Size Does Matter: Your Website’s Font Design

Our last hack is one every website designer should know about: fonts! Fonts do so much to tell your site’s story. The wrong combination of header fonts with text fonts is jarring and uncomfortable, but the right combo will leave users wanting to read more. Keep fonts blocky and straightforward.

Don’t have columns be too broad; instead, cut them down to only have a max of 50 characters per line, so the user’s eyes don’t get fatigued. Keep headers big and text relatively small. If all of this seems like a lot to memorize, don’t worry! The website design team at Success City Online is more than happy to help you create the perfect website design for your needs. For more common digital marketing and other related topics, please contact Success City Online.

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