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Style Guides: Getting the Most from Your Brand Identity

How do you stand out in the crowd with so many businesses and markets out there? A marketing style guide is one great way to put your best foot forward. To ensure your brand’s instant recognition, invest in a style guide created by a brand identity specialist.

What a Style Guide Does for You

Marketing requires a delicate balance to win the hearts of your audience. Inconsistent branding confuses the consumer. Style guides streamline a brand’s look across the board to maximize brand recognition with customers. 

A style guide gives direction for your brand identity. The guide defines the look, feel, and design to keep it consistent across platforms. It’s more than just your logo. A guide gives colors, fonts, tone of voice, and more that align with the brand.


Style Guide Content

The essential elements that every style guide must have include:

Brand Introduction: This is your mission statement — the goal and purpose of your business.

Brand Typography: Typeface plays a huge role in communication with your audience. How many fonts are acceptable for use in association with your brand? What about effects such as bold, italics, underline, etc.?

Brand Color System: Brand colors should be defined and used across all platforms. Your color palette ties you to your logo and ensures that every visual piece of content is attractive and cohesive. 

Brand Imagery: Imagery begins with your logo but includes the types of visual content used by the brand.

Logo Use: How many logo variations are acceptable for use? Can a logo be altered, i.e., rotated? How close can other elements get to the logo (the Exclusion Zone), and do specific logos have specific purposes?

When you elect to create your brand style guide with Success City Online, we work with your company to maximize the final result. Creating recognizable branding you love is our priority.


Your Content Marketing Strategy Agency

Getting a brand identity specialist involved in producing a brand guideline will tremendously elevate the result. With Success City Online, our team collaborates with your business and prioritizes your needs. We make brand style guides that boost your presence on the market. Get results for your business with Success City Online.

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