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Social Media Post Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out this Holiday Season

The holiday season is both an amazing and challenging time for social media marketers. The good news is more people are engaging on social media during the holidays than at other times throughout the year.

The downside is other companies are well aware of this and ramp up their advertising. The competitive sphere is just a roadblock! By tailoring your social media to be aligned with seasonal festivities, you’ll tug on the heartstrings of your target demographic!

Here are our top tips on how to make your social media posts stand out this holiday season!

Use Multiple Media Types For Maximum Visibility

The diversity of social media platforms means there’s no ‘one size fits all’ way to market on them. For example, Tiktok’s use of short videos is a very different advertising game than Facebook’s text-and-image heavy methods. Each platform has its own image sizes, video capabilities, and text limitations. You want to attack from all the angles that work for your brand.

If you know your target demographic spends a lot of time on Instagram, don’t limit your engagement to just photos. Use Instagram’s stories to set up an engaging holiday campaign over a few weeks. Try out Reels, their latest way of displaying videos, for festive projects.

Use the primary image feature for heartwarming images you want to stick around, such as your team’s Thanksgiving potluck or office decorating contest. Every platform has a variety of different ways to reach your audience; try out multiple options to find what engages the most during this holiday season!

Swap Out Graphics for a Holiday Makeover

A fun and festive idea which will make you stand out over the holidays is giving your social media profile a holiday makeover. You should have your profile picture, header image, and other identifiers tailored to your brand to make your posts stand out.

Change out colors, fonts, and graphics to be themed for the holidays! This becomes a significant opportunity to show your customers your creative side. If your cover photo is always a group shot of your team, throw some Santa hats on them! Is your profile your logo? Why not put a Christmas light border around the outside? Making these graphic changes signal you’re putting continuous effort into your social media, which increases the trust your customers have in your posts. They’ll be more likely to engage with you during the holiday season if you have fresh, themed content!

Make Your Holiday-Themed Content Personal

Making your posts stand out over the next few months is all about making them personal. The more an individual feels connected to your post, the more likely they are to engage with it and ultimately choose your brand over your competitor.

This can be achieved in a variety of ways! To start, you can make your responses themed. If someone tags, mentions, or comments to you, respond with ‘Happy Holidays’ as a greeting. Direct inquiries could be met with ‘We’re busy preparing for the holidays, so please give us one business day to get back to you!’

Post plenty of pictures of your team prepping holiday decorations, foods, and spreading cheer through community engagement events. You can even run a poll to allow consumers to be involved in things like what they want to see next or a new product idea! The options are endless, but the goal is always to connect with your consumer on a personal level. It can be tricky to have these posts not seem staged, so make sure to lean on a professional social media team if you need help.

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