Social Media & Mobile Matters: A Must Read!

Being Mobile Is The Key to Effective Business
Change is the one thing you can count on, especially in  the world of social media. The Internet is a multi media treasure trove that  keeps people in touch no matter where they are. It is clear that Social Media Trends 2013 will continue to evolve along with consumer media consumption habits.
Pinterest reflects the consumer love of image-based posts. This is a phenomenon that will continue to gain momentum.  This visual  social media platform is evolving, while impacting web design interfaces and  platforms. Company’s need to recognize this and use imagery to attract and direct traffic. It is a good way to generate business. Pinterest is very popular in the social media set, especially among ladies and the fashion conscious. In some cases, Pinterest surpasses Facebook as a social media platform that creates revenue.
Twitter continues to grow after its inclusion in the mobile operating systems of Apple iPhones. It has captured the consumer imagination. Twitter drives social TV interaction. While people are watching March Madness or the concert in Central Park benefiting hurricane victims, they are simultaneously tweeting their thoughts with friends and the world. Twitter has become the only real-time social platform. Businesses are using large scale events to enter conversations. When considering the amount of television consumers watch (an average of 43 minutes each day) and that many of these consumers share their experiences on Twitter, businesses should find ways to market their services/products by aligning their TV advertising with their online marketing strategies. This extends their advertising from the television to the computer or mobile media; word-of-mouth advertising.
Facebook continues to dominate social media networks as it develops new ways to make money from what is a captive audience. It has become the network of choice as it builds mobile advertising and allows integration with apps and  other platforms.  Facebooks purchase of Instagram provides an avenue to mobile advertising for them. Businesses must build fans and increase their email list via custom tabs that offer exclusive content when liked in order to effectively integrate Facebook commerce. It will become increasingly important for businesses to keep a watch on changes within Facebook so they remain current.Google+ is becoming a very popular. Businesses should pay attention to this social media network. Google+ extends to other Google properties, such as YouTube, Blogger, Search, and Gmail. This widens their exposure. Blogger users have the option of sharing their posts on their Google+ page with one click. A business that uses Google+ increases their chances of potential customers finding them in a search. Hangouts on Air is a great way to reach large audiences via video all for little cost.
Communities enable a business to categorize customers based on their interests. Google+ is clearly a social media force.

While people still use their personal computers to access social media networks, the numbers that access them via their smart phone or tablet is growing and industry experts expect that growth to continue. Becoming mobile must be a company priority this year. They must establish a mobile website. Success City Online can handle all of the above suggestions. Call us today to learn more. 702-350-2870


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