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Social Media Marketing: Why Millennials Prefer Snapchat To Facebook Stories

Facebook rolls out a new feature entrepreneurs can use in their social media marketing, and it’s called Facebook Stories. This feature can be accessed with a right swipe on the Facebook mobile app. It houses small photo and video collections that are generated by the user.

Its focal point is located in the in-app camera that gives the videos or pictures fun filters and visual geolocation tags. It gives fun filters like Snapchat-like lenses too. It works when you can access the camera, create your content and share your story.

However, Millennials still prefer Snapchat to Facebook stories. Snap Inc, the parent company for messaging app Snapchat, has been the word on Wall Street since it was publicized. It went viral with sea-sickening numbers during its first offering, with a first-day closing price at $24.53.

LendEDU reported that Snap’s access and importance to Millennials would be the driving force behind their success in the stock market.

In accordance to Snap, the largest percentage of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18 to 34, and these users visit the application 18 times a day on the average. Snap further records that the users spend about 25 to 30 minutes when they visit they app and users younger than 25 visits the app more than 20 times a day for more than 30 minutes on the average.

Ipso facto, Snapchat keeps at being the fastest growing application among teens.

Checking Snapchat every single day is a devotional for most millennials. Still according to LendEDU’s survey, it is seen that customers have a four times larger likelihood to open a notification coming from Snapchat than a notification coming from Facebook.

They went further to state that it is a key tool used whilst imploring companies to advertise their businesses on Snapchat. “Looking at the ever expanding parenthesis and the infinitesimal attention span of the society, companies see a more astute business call advertising their products on Snapchat platforms than with any other social media outlet” says LendEDU.

Snapchat has a first-mover advantage when it comes to decorating photos and videos with exquisite fun filters, and this will always keep it on a higher level than the Facebook Stories feature. It makes viewing notifications easy and creating contents very engaging, providing tools and a good brand of sophistication. Piper Jaffray conducted a new survey that polled 10,000 teens with an average age of 16 across 46 U.S. states, found out that Snapchat remains the most used social app followed closely by Instagram.

Millennials are much more attracted to applications filled with pictures and videos than applications that can provide very lengthy articles. Now, even with the Facebook Stories feature, millennials and companies will still nurse the notion that more traffic will be on the Snapchat when compared to the Facebook Stories.

Small and medium scale businesses can take full advantage of Snapchat and other social media platforms for marketing online. Since social media is evolving, the users are also changing. It is important that you, as a business owner, employs professional internet marketers. At digital marketing agency Success City Online, we make sure your social media is managed to reach your target customers and that the message is saying the right things about you.

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