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Social Media for Businesses: How to Streamline Processes

The more people join social media the more complicated it becomes. Advertising a business on any social media platform seems to become increasingly difficult each year. Competition is fierce; before the advent of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you would take out an ad in your local paper and post flyers.

You may get a few people who see these and decide to visit your brick-and-mortar store to engage in business with you. Now there is an opportunity to reach people across the country and send them goods or services without ever having face-to-face interactions.

That’s amazing! Unfortunately, everyone has that opportunity so standing out is pivotal in your online success. There’s a reason so many businesses turn to a social media expert! Even if you DIY your business’ social media campaigns there are ways to streamline it.

Get Organized: Social Media Tools to Help Your Business Plan

The social media world is 24/7… But at some point, you will need to take a break. How do you capitalize on those overnight consumers who still want to hear from you? An all-in-one social media tool, otherwise known as a cross-platform tool will help you stay organized on all platforms, at all times.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are still considered the big three when it comes to advertising (although the rise of Tiktok has many on high alert); Hootsuite can help you organize all three. Hootsuite is potentially the most common cross-platform social media tool. It allows you to schedule posts for all platforms using one interface.

Affordable with packages starting just under $10 per month, it’s the preferred platform for business owners to dip their toe in the social media post-scheduling water. Hootsuite’s clear analytics make it easy to assess which posts are doing the best, and you can split promotions to check out which verbiage performs better.

Other companies such as Sprout Social offer similar options for scheduling posts across multiple platforms so don’t be afraid to check out a few free trials before committing! The important thing is to get your business’ social media organized.

Creating Content Which Matters to Consumers

Even the best well-scheduled post won’t matter if the content isn’t engaging. Once you get a consumers’ attention the post itself will be judged. Writing should always be proofread before posting. You can hire a copywriter to do every step for you or use a tool such as Grammarly to perfect your text.

Grammarly is a free tool that analyzes writing and ensures it’s grammatically correct. The premium version does cost a bit but offers additional help such as ideal word choice, tonal suggestions, and narrative corrections. Both will assist with tailoring concise works that grip consumers instead of having them skim.

Beautiful graphics are also a must. Customers won’t read your content without having gripping graphics accompanying it. Tools such as Canva which help combine your content with images can assist with creating a cohesive ‘look’. Popular social media accounts nearly always lean towards an ‘aesthetic’; Canva can help create artwork which fits your brand and is recognizable

They’re Listening… Businesses’ Social Media Monitoring

If your business gets direct reviews through Yelp or Google Reviews, that’s great! Reviews are a way to know what people are saying about your company. Social media is also an excellent way to know what your consumers truly think.

Instead of repeatedly searching for your own businesses’ commentary from the social media peanut gallery, you can streamline the process with a social listening tool such as Mention. Mention is a tool that allows you to easily search for all, well, mentions of your business. After setting up your account, you type in what you’re interested in keeping tabs on (for example, your companies’ name).

The program then scours the platforms you select for comments, tweets, and shout outs which include your companies’ name and reports them all back to you. You can then filter those based on location, age range, and most interestingly ‘sentiment’. It’s a simple way to see what the consensus is on your brand at any given moment.

While Mention can help you see what people are thinking about you, they can’t help you change it – but a social media expert can! For more social media marketing tips contact digital marketing specialist Success City Online!

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