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Social Media for a Business: Dos and Don’ts

We get it – having a clear voice in the craziness which is social media can be hard! If you’re left wondering why your social media marketing campaign just isn’t getting the return on investment you want, you may be ignoring the dos and don’ts of social media for business. To have a successful business in the modern era, you need to have a strong online presence.

If you want a strong online presence, you need to be on social media! So many companies fail to navigate the social web properly, but it can be a cost-effective and far-reaching way to market your business. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even LinkedIn have vastly different needs and demographics, they can all help boost your visibility to qualified clients. We’ve got your back! To excel on the business side of social media, follow our dos and don’ts below!

Social Media Marketing 101: Go in With a Targeted Plan

Would you launch into a print campaign without reviewing the materials? Absolutely not! Like any type of marketing, social media requires a plan ahead of time. A simple ‘do’ to start with is to know what voice you want to have on your channel! If your company is a gourmet dog treat store, your page is going to be considerably livelier than a divorce attorney’s. The ‘don’t’ portion of this one is to integrate too much of your personal preference on your page.

Remember, this is for your company. You don’t want to turn off customers with your personal opinions on potentially touchy subjects. Once you’ve established what voice you want, look into which platforms fit it! LinkedIn would work fantastically for our divorce attorney, but who could resist sharing a cute dog treat display on Facebook? Do sign up for the ones that suit you, don’t put too much effort into updating a platform that your client demographic avoids.

No one likes a fake smile, especially on social media!

Potentially the biggest ‘do’ we could share in regards to a business’ social media is to keep things natural. Never be fake on social media! Customers can smell false personalities and will avoid your company if they feel like you’re trying too hard. What sets your company apart from the competition? Highlight that! A big ‘do’ on social media is to be proud of what you do, but it immediately ties into the ‘don’t’ of ensuring you aren’t self-promoting too much.

If you know your ice cream is top-notch, post some glamour shots of the flawless swirls! Just don’t post every single cone made. Spamming consumers with the same type of post won’t win you any fans, as it can be annoying. Instead, switch it up with some fun promotion posts and informational blogs. The more variety you can introduce, the better! Not everything needs to be directly tied to a sale or referral. Sometimes simply engaging with customers over a funny picture can gain you followers.

Social media is all about how people perceive your business

At the end of the day, people will follow, like, comment, and share things they like. You want them to like your product, but you also want them to like you! Remember you can never be everyone’s cup of tea. Be genuine on social media and you’ll attract the type of people who would associate with your business.

Stay memorable with a balanced content stream and avoid spamming feeds on any platform. Don’t feel bad about posting a sale or coupon every now and then; you have a business, and that business has needs. Social media should help your business, so don’t be shy about saying ‘hey, we have a great item here!’. If you ever need help, remember we’re here for you! For more social media tips, visit our blog!

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