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Social Media Consultant Shares Why Every Brand Needs to Create an Instagram Grid Style

Instagram continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms. Unlike other social media apps, Instagram has always put visuals at the core of its content. Brands will need a different approach compared with what they may utilize for other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Learn why every brand needs to create an Instagram grid style, according to a social media consultant.

Why an Instagram Grid Matters

With an Instagram grid style, you’ll be able to tell the story of your company’s brand in a unique way that will engage your audience like never before. A grid-style allows you to send a clear message regarding your social media goals whether you’re marketing products or services, or you’re just trying to drive traffic to your website. Think of it as a visual representation of your brand as a whole. While each image you post should be engaging in its own right, the images together should paint a clear picture of your persona.

Nevada State High School Instagram Grid

The Pattern of Three

One of the most popular grid styles is the pattern of three. Instagram’s layout will display several rows of three, so that’s the limit you have to work within. Fortunately, this can make it easy to organize your photos to create a visually appealing style without compromising the integrity of each post. You just have to start thinking in threes.

Imagine you’re a company that sells crafting materials. To get the most engagement out of your Instagram posts, you decide to start posting images of crafts that are created using a certain kind of material you sell. Instead of posting one image of a craft made from that material, you can post three instead. As long as the material used is the same and of the same color, changing the material every three images would create a visually appealing design and show off your products.

There are other ways to implement the pattern of three as well. You could upload a certain kind of image for every three. For example, you could have every third image feature someone’s face. A smiling face is especially helpful if you offer a service. Just remember not to bother with apps that split photos into segments to appear like one massive image on your Instagram grid. While it may look appealing from a distance, it will decrease the engagement with your images.

The Liberace Mansion Instagram Grid

Coordinated Color Schemes

While the pattern matters within an Instagram grid, color plays an important role as well. Your grid will be more visually appealing if all your photos generally have the same color scheme. You may be surprised to learn just how many different ways you can express just a handful of colors with a variety of images.

You don’t have to commit to a single color scheme, however, as they may not even be feasible for many companies. Instead, you can combine the color scheme coordination with the pattern of three. Instead of posting just three images of a similar theme at a time, you can also ensure that those three images have a similar color scheme. Additionally, you could make every image in a column a similar color. For example, having every third image you post employ the same scheme can be visually appealing.

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Dr. Death Pest Control's Instagram Grid

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