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SEO vs. SCO: What’s the Difference?

These days, everyone from digital influencers to major corporations has heard of search engine optimization or SEO. Have you, however, heard of SCO? SCO is the latest evolution of internet marketing, and it’s becoming every bit as essential as SEO. Let’s check out the similarities and differences between the two, why SCO matters, and how you can apply it to your online presence.

SEO vs. SCO: What Are They?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of promoting your pages and structuring your online content so that it is better indexed by search engines. This helps increase your search rankings across multiple search engines like Google, Bing, and so forth. 

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Search channel optimization (SCO) is a sort of evolution of SEO that focuses your optimization efforts toward a specific search engine. If, for example, you specifically want to rank higher on Bing, you would perform SCO targeted toward Bing’s search algorithms. Likewise, you would optimize your site for Google’s algorithms if you wanted to rank higher on Google.

Differences Between the Two

The most significant difference between the two is their choice of focus. SEO improves overall rankings. It focuses on keyword placement, keyword frequency, and rankings between primary and secondary keywords. It also optimizes your entire website for any search, anywhere.

SCO keywords research

On the other hand, SCO utilizes social media platforms and search engines so that your business’s online presence will be easily seen and found by your target audience. It helps you grow your business, zero in on your target audience, and rank higher on a particular search engine or platform.

SCO: A Commitment to Data

SCO requires vigorously tracking your metrics across every individual channel in your funnel. Your data has to offer you a complete view of your marketing strategies so that you can make adjustments as needed and on the fly. It requires you to understand how each platform influences one another.

Bing, for example, can be thought of as an effort to improve on Google. Knowing how this came about helps you to perform SCO for both channels.


How Both Can Help Your Business

Both approaches can be helpful to your business. SEO makes your online presence rank higher across the board, which is why it is the basis and core of your marketing. SCO, on the other hand, is targeted toward individual channels. It takes the baseline established by your SEO and adapts it to specific targets. To summarize, SEO focuses on keywords and structure. SCO uses artificial intelligence and actionable data to optimize tactics for each marketing channel.

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Which Is Better for You?

In the end, you need both SEO and SCO. SEO sets the baseline from which SCO grows. Your SCO efforts will be far more difficult without SEO because you won’t have anything upon which to build. Neither, however, is any good if it doesn’t directly deliver a return on investment and help your bottom line. 

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