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Sipahh specializes in creating milk flavored straws with less sugar and no artificial colors or preservatives. Each straw contains portions of controlled beads of flavor. Sipahh is excellent for everyday consumption for kids and adults, who love a tasty and healthy drink.

The Brief

Sipahh (United States) hired us back in September of 2018 to help them build a strong online presence in North America with a new website and a social media marketing plan. Our team’s primary job was to educate potential customers in United States and Canada and increase the brand’s overall online exposure.

The Results


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Once we launched their new beautiful website, we then created the following social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Google My Business. We developed a content strategy as well as brand awareness campaigns to promote the straws in the United States and Canada. We used their mascot, Mort, to help highlight the amazing health benefits of the straws and to create informative, fun, and engaging posts. Many of the Facebook and Instagram posts we were publishing encouraged users to leave a comment on the post or share Sipahh’s content, which helped to increase the growth of their profiles. These types of posts also produced hundreds of likes, comments, and shares. In order to improve their social media followers, we launched a Like campaign and implemented a follow/unfollow method.

We were also very strategic with their Instagram feed and made sure each post had a consistent look and feel. We act as their customer service support team and have assisted customers with their questions about Sipahh. Now, we are in the process of creating an influencer marketing plan that will help expand their audience reach and continue to nurture the market’s trust in Sipahh.

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