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The Sinus Relief Center is a division of Vegas ENT, where ENT-related conditions are diagnosed and treated with compassion, experience, and the most advanced medicine available. Highly skilled Dr. Nalbone and his dedicated team work diligently to help their patients achieve sinus relief.

The Brief

Sinus Relief Center approached us wanting to start from the ground up with both a website and social media. We were asked to highlight specific services and treatments, specifically a procedure called Balloon Sinuplasty, with the ultimate goal of making them the go-to ENT practice in the Las Vegas Area.

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We started by creating new social media profiles and optimizing them for each platform. We created a brand board that would complement their facility, practice, and treatments. After we completed this process, we began a social media strategy that would boost treatment awareness, highlight employees, and provide useful information. We incorporated blogs consistently to their weekly content and continued to share them monthly. We used lifestyle graphics, videos from patients, and eye-catching facts to promote the Balloon Sinuplasty treatment. Within the first month, Sinus Relief Center had a new patient stating that they had found them on Facebook.

In addition, we have regularly scheduled photoshoots to capture new images and keep content fresh. We have actively engaged on platforms and participated in conversations with locals experiencing sinus problems.

Within less than a year, Sinus Relief Center has grown a local audience of over 1,300 users and has received over 50 five-star reviews on Google.

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