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Inspired Dental is a dental facility in Las Vegas offering a comprehensive range of high-quality dental services and welcoming patients of all ages for care. Earning a reputation for excellence as a dentist in Las Vegas, Drs. Kim-Vy C. Pham & Jorge Jimenez-Marquez provide experienced and compassionate care utilizing the latest advances in dental technology.

The Brief

Inspired Dental approached us after they were left unsatisfied with the services of another website and social media company. They asked that we redesign and manage their website. We were also asked to use social media to build their brand, tell their story, and promote services.

The Result

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To optimize their social media profiles and build a stronger online presence, we updated the look of each of the platforms they were active on and made sure we were utilizing all aspects.

We first gathered photos of the facility and the employees to help tell their story and capture the feel of going to their dental practice. We created a brand board to ensure that graphics had a consistent look and feel that would be instantly recognizable to users and potential patients. After we completed this process, our team developed a strategy to boost brand awareness and highlight their facility, services, and personalities. We incorporated useful information, their community involvement, patient testimonials, and highlighted their great employees. With these assets, we were able to start Facebook traffic campaigns and now their primary source of website traffic is from social media.

Also, we have worked closely with their team to create fun and exciting videos to show to emphasize the services they offer and display the passion they have for their work. These videos have received 2000+ views. We have provided blog topics to help them add more content to their website and have shared these blogs on social media to generate more traffic.

Within the last several months, Inspired dental has gained over 1,300 followers on Facebook and Instagram and their engagement has skyrocketed.

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