Emerald Island Casino

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Emerald Island Casino is one of the top local casinos in Henderson, Nevada. The local casino is known for its impeccable customer service, best penny slot machines, and a great restaurant.

The Brief

In January 2013, Emerald Island Casino contacted our team for social media guidance. They wanted to build a robust social media presence and maintain a strong relationship with their customers online.

The Results


Increased Facebook Fans


Minutes of Social Content Watched


Unique Social Media Posts Created

Emerald Island Casino Facebook Post
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To improve Emerald Island Casino’s presence on social media, we created and optimized their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and YouTube. We also developed several social ad campaigns to grow their followers, increase event attendees, and boost restaurant sales.

For example, we created a Facebook campaign that tremendously amplified their Facebook page. The Emerald Island Casino Facebook page currently has 33,000+ engaging fans, and we also lowered the ‘Cost Per Like’ to $0.20. More importantly, we monitor all accounts and constantly engage with their fans.

Emerald Island Casino believes in providing great customer service. Therefore, we make sure each outstanding message or comment is answered.

More campaigns:

In October 2019, Emerald Island Casino won Best of Las Vegas in four different categories: Best Henderson Casino – Gold Winner, Best Henderson Restaurant – Gold Winner, Best Video Poker – Bronze Winner, and Best Playing Slots – Bronze Winner.

To win the contest, our team put together a detailed campaign to get guests and social media fans to vote for Emerald Island Casino online. Our team created a video of Tim Brooks promoting Best of Las Vegas and updated Emerald Island Casino’s website. We changed their covers on Facebook and Twitter, created a 12-tile Instagram post, and pushed out Best of Las Vegas graphics. We also inserted a voting link on Instagram and Twitter bio section to help users vote easily.

Dealing with the COVID-19 Crisis

In the middle of March 2020, all casinos in Nevada had to temporarily close. The first thing we did was inform people about the closure on Emerald Island Casino’s website and social media platforms. From there, any content involving promotions had to be removed from the line-up. We shifted our content to Emerald Island Casino themed games, talking about future events after quarantine, mentioning past events, and facts about Henderson. This kept Emerald Island Casino at the top of people’s minds as one of the first places to go once everything reopens.

Furthermore, we prepared a content strategy for when Emerald Island Casino can open again. This involves showing a clean environment, mentioning fun events, and welcoming people back.

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