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Dr. Death Pest Control is a Veteran-owned pest control company servicing residential homes and commercial properties throughout Henderson and Clark County. They offer pet-friendly, targeted pest control to find scorpions, roaches, ants, spiders, and rodents, where they are hiding.

The Brief

Dr. Death Pest Control contacted us in December of 2019 asking us to redesign their website and improve their social media presence. We were asked to promote their pest control services, community involvement, and the things that made their company unique such as, being pet-friendly and Veteran-owned.

The Results


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We began our process by optimizing their social media profiles and creating a consistent look, handles, and descriptions on each platform. We captured many photos demonstrating their pest control services and highlighting their great customer service. From there, we created graphics and templates to be used on social media that were on brand with their look.

Once we had all of the profiles and assets prepared, we started our content marketing strategy and began posting regularly. We used pest control tips, blogs, and graphics to bring attention to their profiles, send new traffic to their website, and generate new leads. We also used on-the job photos with dogs to highlight their pet-friendly services and shared whenever they were active in the community.

With our strategy and ad campaigns their online presence and drastically improved and 77% of their website traffic is now from social media.

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