Dog Food 2 My Door

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Dog Food 2 My Door is a locally-owned pet food delivery service in Henderson, Nevada. They provide value and convenience to dog lovers in the city by offering FREE deliveries of dry food, canned food, treats, and supplements.

The Brief:

Our company met with Dog Food 2 My Door in January 2018 to help them launch their brand on social media. We created and fully-optimized their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google My Business profiles.

The Results


Our team developed a content marketing strategy that helped drive traffic to their online and brick and mortar store. We designed countless branded graphics and interacted with their audience online daily. In just a few short months, Dog Food 2 My Door was gaining a highly engaged community on Facebook and Instagram. Their ads were receiving up to 600+ clicks and received 3,000+ actions.

In addition, we developed a promotional video that was used to launch their YouTube channel and was later added to their website. Painting a picture of Dog Food 2 My Door’s customer experience was an essential element to their social media success.

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