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Black Mountain is a new vibrant, and sustainable neighborhood that will provide various housing types within a walkable, bikeable, and dynamically planned environment. The proposed Black Mountain development aspires to provide a community unlike any other within Henderson.

The Brief

The “Black Mountain Golf Club” was a closed golf club which was purchased by a developer to be converted to a residential community. The residents living near the proposed project had been protesting the development in front of the city council and mayor since its inception. They were organized and wore protest tee shirts to every council meeting. The city officials were understandably concerned about the negative reception.

In February 2020, Black Mountain connected with our team to build a positive brand image using a website, blog page, and social media profiles. We quickly went to work to tell the Black Mountain Project story.

The Results

Social Media Engagements
Positive Facebook Reactions
Website Page Views from Social Media


To create a positive reputation online, our social media team built Black Mountain a robust website and social media. We developed a content strategy that highlighted all the great benefits the community will bring to the valley, and published blogs featuring its fantastic future amenities.

After 9 months, Black Mountain accumulated over 30,000 engagements across all platforms, received 24,000+ positive Facebook reactions, and received over 19,000 website page views from social media alone.

Our team also closely monitored their profiles, responded to all questions and concerns, and kept track of people and pages who consistently mentioned the property daily. We replied to each message and commented promptly. This strategy allowed Black Mountain to change the users’ minds about the concept plans.

In addition, we executed a successful, well-attended virtual community meeting, which helped turn the tide on their side. Weeks after the Facebook Live, the negative comments have significantly reduced and later dissipated. The City Council members also unanimously approved Black Mountain’s proposals. The firm can now move forward in creating a fantastic future where the next generation of families can live, grow, work, and play in Henderson, Nevada.


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