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Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center is one of the top-rated weight loss centers in Henderson, Nevada. They offer one-on-one weight loss counseling, customized exercise programs, fat burner shots, and ready-to-eat meals.

The Brief

Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center approached us in February 2017 to help them launch their social media profiles. Our team first created new accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business, YouTube, and Twitter. The company already had an existing profile, but it was inactive and had no clear social media strategy.

The Results


We then optimized each account with fresh covers, accurate information, and keyword-rich descriptions. Our content creators also designed several beautiful branded graphics to build a consistent look and feel across all platforms, especially on their Instagram. We developed a grid style that made it easy for followers to view their specials, patients, and weight loss tips. The company’s Success Stories were also often featured on their social media pages, which have resulted in new leads and inquiries.

In addition, our team also wrote blogs for them monthly to build their site’s authority, improve their search rankings, and increase their site’s overall traffic.

After 14 months, our social media team started to coach Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center’s team to manage the company profiles. We hosted training sessions, and showed them how to create graphics and how to properly post on each platform. With the help of our team, Advanced Medical Weight Loss and Wellness Center have successfully built a strong brand online and confidently manage their social media pages.

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