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The Henderson Chamber of Commerce (HCC) is a private, non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to the growth and progress of our business community with a focus on promoting the civic, commercial and industrial development of Henderson and Southern Nevada.

The Brief

In August 2018 the Henderson Chamber of Commerce contacted our team for social media services. The Chamber became the first of its kind to roll out a new health care plan (as a member benefit) taking advantage of the new tax law. As time has gone on, we have been responsible for promoting events organized by the Chamber, highlighting their involvement in the community, and showing the benefits of being a Member.

The Results


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Instagram Followers

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Henderson Chamber of Commerce Instagram Page
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To improve the Henderson Chamber of Commerce’s reach, we started with creating fun, image-driven posts on Facebook and created new Instagram and LinkedIn profiles. We developed and tested several social ad campaigns to reach members and nonmembers alike. We focused ads on people who already liked their page and were on their email list. We created lookalike audiences from this data as well. In the last year, we began promoting networking events. We designed eye-catching graphics to encourage users to attend and resized these graphics to be used across all platforms. We create and schedule Facebook Event Pages for each of these events. Our team attends these events to capture moments and show the value of becoming a Member. We highlight the Chambers’ involvement in the community by sharing photos of ribbon-cutting ceremonies and their charitable efforts. We have created and edited video testimonial from Members to highlight the benefits of being a part of the Chamber.

With our content and marketing strategy, the Henderson Chamber of Commerce now has 5,500+ Facebook Page likes, 1,250+ followers on Instagram, and their LinkedIn profile has 1,100+ followers. They are regularly tagged in other business’s Instagram posts. Their events are oftentimes sold out.

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