Pay Per Click Advertising

We Make Search Engine Marketing That Works For You

Why You Need PPC

Millions of people use online search engines each day to find local products or services. However, most people do not click through more than two or three pages of search engine results before making a final choice. Appearing on those initial few pages is important for the online success of your business. Search Engine Marketing (SEM), otherwise known as Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising, is an effective way of maximizing your visibility on search engine results.
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Reach Your Customers

Mastering SEM and PPC takes experience. Some companies attempt to do so with an in house team, but all the hiring and training can be time-consuming and expensive. In many cases, those employees still won’t be able to effectively turn search engine marketing into a worthwhile expense! Choosing to work with the local Pay Per Click Advertising team at Success City Online gets you a dedicated team to manage your account for you. You can reap all the benefits of regularly monitored, optimized ads and keywords pain-free. No need to fret over misused time, as our team will communicate each step of the way to ensure your paid search engine marketing gets you in front of the customers you want.

Search Engine Marketing Pricing

Our campaigns start for as little as $1,000 per month.


We will work hard to boost your search engine rankings and get your business found online with our targeted pay per click advertising service. Using the keywords used to optimize your website we will target web searchers looking for your particular services.

You will love our terms. We offer a sliding scale based on the amount you spend on your ads. The more you spend the lower our fee.

*(Minimum ad spend is $1,000 per month)


We provide you with frequent and accurate reports showing you your ROI. We show you the ads and the campaign results as often as possible so you are confident we are always working on your case.