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How Much Should Small Business Owners Budget for a Website Design?

In the modern day and age, your website design can make or break you. Are you satisfied with how it looks when you open the homepage? Do you think your website is enticing to customers or is the outdated coding and poor navigational format turning potential business away? Is it built with search engine optimization in mind? If the answer to any of these is negative, it might be time to consider either building a new site or giving yours the attention that it needs. As a small business, the budget can definitely play a huge role in deciding what to do with your website design, but don’t worry – there are ways to figure out exactly how much you should set aside to make sure your site is drawing in the crowd you want.

The first thing you should think about when budgeting for a new or revamped website design is what you’re looking to accomplish with your website. Do you want to drive new traffic, or engage your loyal customers more? Are you selling a product directly, or is your site more informational? As a small business in Las Vegas, figuring out exactly what your target is can be crucial to the success of your site. Take a moment to think out what specifically you’re looking for before assigning a number to your website.

Your website is the virtual window to your business, and it’s not always a good idea to DIY it. Sites that offer free website hosting rarely focus on how to draw business to you, and instead lean more towards bringing in new business to themselves. Investing as little as $129 a month to a reputable and knowledgeable company can change your traffic significantly. Our most basic web design package, which is only $30 more per month than the leading ‘affordable’ site hosting company, offers customized responsive design, Google analytics, and custom response forms to draw business.

If you feel like you’ve graduated from the basics and are ready to take your mom and pop shop to the next level, a more advanced package can be a simplified option that won’t break the bank. Even as low as $499 a month can get you thousands of new clicks and the chance to showcase your business to new clients. Our top-tier package offers everything from custom blog and social media posts and boosts, to unlimited web pages, to custom logo iterations that suit your business.

Many companies and sites will warn you that a modern, optimized website will run you nearly $10,000 up front but the simple truth is that having a website design that draws in customers won’t hurt your pocketbook. Planning out your goals and contacting the right people will ensure your business soars to the top of the Google homepage, with plenty of money left over each month to invest in other areas. Just because you’re a small business doesn’t mean that you will be forever – why not treat yourself to something nice?

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