Maybe Veteran’s Day should be called “My Day”

By Phil Anderson
I like Veteran’s day. I have a chance every year to do something I don’t have the chance to do on Memorial day. I can actually say “Thanks” to our heroes who can still hear me. These men and women don’t even want to hear it sometimes.
On Memorial day, we get to silently reflect on those who have given their ultimate sacrifice to our way of life. Be it the Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq/Afganistan , countless skirmishes,  peace time or this week, our fallen heroes are gone and I never will get the satisfaction of looking them in the eye and expressing my gratitude to them. Ahhh, but on Veteran’s day, it is a whole new ball game. If I know you wore our country’s uniform I am looking for you today.  It is selfish I know, but this is MY DAY to say thanks. I want you to know that a part of my heart is with you for what you did. You might not even want to hear it, but I get to say it!
You might have been a kid. Maybe as a young person you had no direction in life and you found yourself joining up for lack of anything better to do.

Our liberal friends take exception to this and think you were taken advantage of. Maybe. But I know that you served and I benefited. My country was a little safer, my world a little more secure because you signed up.
Maybe you were from a long and proud military family. Maybe you joined because it was expected of you and you didn’t want to.  Maybe. But I got to go to work and pursue a career because of you. I got to work and live and laugh, free to suspend worry about attacks from foreign nations who hate us, because of what you did. Maybe all you did was wash dishes or stock shelves or push papers around, but you did it as apart of our nation’s  brave and mighty military and I benefited.
So here I am, looking forward to enjoying “My Day”. My day to say thanks to people who often get embarrassed and look away quickly when I do. So if you served, when you see me walking toward you, you now what is coming. Just put up with my heartfelt need to look you in the eye, maybe get a little emotional and say “Thank you”. It will be over quickly and you and I can go back to taking for granted the  kids out there who are keeping us safe today.

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