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What is Local SEO?

Local SEO, short for Local Search Engine Optimization, is a digital marketing strategy and a set of practices designed to enhance a business or organization’s online visibility within local search results on search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The primary objective of local SEO is to attract more customers from a specific geographic area or locality.

Here are some key components and elements of local SEO:

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Google My Business (GMB) Optimization

Claiming and optimizing your Google My Business listing is a fundamental step in local SEO. This involves providing accurate business details, including the business name, address, phone number (NAP), operating hours, images, and a brief description.

NAP Consistency

Maintaining consistent business information (name, address, phone number) across all online platforms, including your website, social media profiles, and online directories, to establish credibility with search engines.

Local Keywords

Targeting keywords that are relevant to your specific local area, such as “Las Vegas dentist” or “plumber near me.”

Gain accurate listings

On-Page SEO

Ensuring that your website’s on-page elements are optimized for local search, such as incorporating location-specific keywords into your content, meta tags, and headings.

Local Link Building

Acquiring backlinks from other local businesses, organizations, or authoritative local websites to enhance your website’s authority and credibility within the local context.

Online Reviews

Encouraging and managing online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Facebook, as positive reviews can boost your local search rankings and your reputation.

Mobile Optimization

Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly, given that many local searches are conducted on mobile devices.

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Content Marketing

Creating informative and engaging content that addresses local issues, news, and events, which can attract local audiences and build authority in your niche.

Local Schema Markup 

Implementing schema markup on your website to provide search engines with structured data about your business, including location, business type, hours of operation, and reviews.

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Local Citations

Building and managing citations (online mentions of your business) on various local directories and websites to reinforce your business’s location and contact information.

Local SEO is crucial for businesses that depend on a local customer base, such as retail stores, restaurants, healthcare providers, and service-based businesses. It enables them to connect with potential customers in their vicinity and effectively compete in their local market.

Our Affordable Monthly Packages

Local SEO Starting at $499/Month

Monthly Plans

Local SEO Plus

$499 / m

+$499 onboarding fee

18 month minimum.

Target 5 low competition local keywords relevant to your niche

Audit citations (check NAP consistency, duplicates)

Remove outdated Information

Check for Incomplete citations

Evaluate the Quality of Citations

Implement local structured data markup (schema markup)

Google My Business Page optimization

Monthly rankings report

Local SEO Ultimate

$999 / m

+$499 onboarding fee

12 month minimum.

Target 10 low competition local keywords relevant to your niche

All the Plus Local SEO features +

2 Guest post per month

Submission to data aggregator 

Optimized existing content for local terms

Build high DA and local citations

Cleanup citation or duplicate listings

Submit to top maps citations like Apple Maps, Bing, Yahoo Local

Track changes over time

5 GMB Monthly Posts

Local SEO Prestige

$1999 / m

+$999 onboarding fee

9 month minimum.

Target 5 medium to hard local service keywords relevant to your niche

All the Plus Local SEO + All the Ultimate Local SEO features +

2 original local SEO optimize blog posts per month

A blog calendar designed to work with your key word goals

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