Kodak Moment, No More

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Good by Kodak? If you are at least twenty years old you have had many Kodak Moments. We will continue to have our moments, but now they are Apple, Sony or other moments. We are going to have to move on now that Kodak is going to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

All my life I have grown up with Eastman Kodak, their instant cameras and camera film. Their name is as iconic as General Motors, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson and Coca Cola. Up to five years ago we had their products all over our house. Cameras, film and actual pictures that we put in photo albums. I will miss Kodak.

On the other hand I have welcomed the digital age just as much as anyone and cannot remember the last time we bought a Kodak product.

Shares of Eastman Kodak (NYSE-EK) have fallen in price to $1.00 and may be dropped from the New Your Stock Exchange. For a company that is 131-years old this is sad to see. In that time they gave us 1100 patents of which one was the digital camera. Unfortunately, they invented it but allowed the competition to capitalize on the digital camera.

We can still have hope for Kodak. They are not gone yet. There is still the ink jet printer business that has been their mainstay ever since the film business basically came to an end. Now Kodak is selling as many of their patents as possible. Between the two revenue generators and the protection of bankruptcy maybe Kodak will survive. Or maybe it is time to say good bye to Eastman Kodak just like we said good bye to Pan American Airlines (the only way to fly). Say good bye to your Kodak Moment and say hello to your Sony Moment.


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