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Improve Your Facebook Marketing With These Easy Tips

What was life like before Facebook? We’re coming into a generation that can’t answer that question. The digital footprint Facebook takes up is enormous: more people use Facebook than any other social media tool. Your company has the opportunity to reach millions of consumers with the click of a button. If it’s so easy to contact all these consumers, why isn’t everyone’s Facebook marketing successful?

Unfortunately, advertising on social media is not as simple as hitting ‘post’ and watching business roll in. You need to know how to market your brand on Facebook properly, just like you would in any other type of traditional advertising. Don’t worry; the Success City Online team is here to share how to improve your Facebook marketing with these easy tips!

What Makes Facebook Such a Powerful Tool?

With just over 2.8 billion users, Facebook has become one of the most integral parts of the modern advertising experience. Their Ad Suite can create an ultra-wide net of people to market to or a particular set of people. Facebook also has built-in analytics, which allows you to view how successful each post is, and the platform itself offers tips on how to optimize your ads to get the best ROI. Granted, knowing how to read the analytics is a bit of a challenge by itself, but the tools are there.

Choose the Right Category for Your Business Page

It might seem obvious, but many people fail to select the correct category for their business page during the initial start-up phase. If you choose the wrong type, for example, Entertainment, you’ll be stuck with the options included under that category when you’re a Local Business. While this isn’t necessarily bad, it won’t optimize your overall Facebook marketing. With the correct type, you’re displaying relevant information for your business. The more relevant your page is, the more engaging it will be with your target demographic.

Understand Your Audience

Speaking of the target demographic, you need to know who your audience is to have a successful Facebook marketing campaign. Shouting into the void won’t lead to any new business and may even drive people away. Before you begin creating content for your digital marketing, think through who your ideal customer would be. For example, if you develop high-end shoes for ladies, you’ll want your ideal customer to be a wealthy woman interested in purchasing the latest fashions. Understanding your audience will allow your content to have a purpose instead of just another post to scroll past.

Create Engaging Posts That Encourage Conversation

Facebook is a social media platform, which means people go there to be social. No one goes to this platform to get advertised because the social aspect is integral to every user’s experience. Your Facebook marketing campaign must be engaging to people. Don’t throw up boring photos! Instead, post a video showing how your company creates a product or conducts a service. Ask for feedback, or start a discussion. Restaurants who post two photos of different dishes and ask users they’d prefer are invariably going to do better than a restaurant posting just a single image of a dish and hoping people comment on it.

Optimize Your Content and Photos

Facebook works best when you work within its parameters. To see the best return on investment for your ad spend, make sure your content is optimized, meaning every video has a thumbnail fitting the content. Photos should be the appropriate size without appearing stretched. Even captions being appropriately formatted helps your optimization! All of these minor tweaks and adjustments help your brand’s content appear professional to potential customers.

Most businesses are struggling to produce results from social media, Success City Online can solve that! Get in touch with our team now and finally get the results you want.

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