“I Play a Conservative on TV” …Gary Johnson

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Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has decided to run from, I mean, AS a Libertarian candidate in the 2012 Presidential Race.  Former GOP candidate, Johnson chose this week to remove himself from the field of “Whack a Mole” GOP candidates and instead try to be a third party guy in the spirit of Ross Perot. Just what we need. Is this man really trying to do what is best for America or is he just starved for attention?

I have two problems with this. One: What ever happened to sportsmanship? Remember when the best man won and the loser held out their hand and said, “good job”. Why do losers in American politics refuse to go away?

Instead they change parties and keep their hands out…for cash. What do these candidates say to those people who already gave at the office expecting to be represented, you know for the party they were investing in! I don’t see a lot of these party hoppers saying, “Here take your money back!” Johnson never got out of the starting gate with the GOP.

The second problem I have is with Governor Johnson himself. We interviewed him last spring and in our interview he referred to himself a “liberal”(using “Wikipedia” as a definition reference), as a conservative and as a republican.  His views then and now are clearly LP. He should have had the character to be true to those views then, stuck with it and maybe he would actually be on a debate stage one of these days.

“Angry” Mick wrote a great blog about Governor Johnson and you can hear our interview with him here.


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