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How Voice Search Can Impact Your Website’s SEO

“Siri, can you teach me how to write quality SEO which will drive customers to my website?” While Siri may not be able to think of creative blogs or intriguing web content on her own yet, she can answer quite a few things. Being able to churn out relevant answers to a nearly endless menagerie of questions is just one of the reasons people are turning more and more to voice search.

Rather than the traditional search methods of typing in a few keywords and sifting through results, voice search has seen a huge boom. Almost every generation and social class gets behind it over classic Googling. With so many people joining this technological trend, it’s imperative you are prepared for how voice search can impact your website’s SEO.

The Little Technology Advancement That Could

Not many people expected voice search to boom into the technology giant it is today. In 2019, there were 3.25 billion voice search assistants in use in the world. What began as automatic speech recognition in smartphones has evolved into a multi-million dollar industry filled with Amazon Alexas, Google Homes, and the ever-prevalent Siri on Apple devices.

The ease of belting out a question and having the answer immediately returned has people flocking to voice search in droves. People love it for more than the fun aspect of chatting with your device; voice search has shown in recent studies to be faster and more accurate than old-fashioned Internet searching. You ask a question to immediately get an accurate answer, read to you in a pleasant voice in the accent of your choosing. Who wouldn’t go for it?

SEO Content Has Always Adapted

SEO content is changing constantly. There was a while when search engine optimization was still relatively new, and companies could see advertising success by plastering their site with the same word on repeat. Google adapted and began to tweak their algorithm.

Companies who focused on organic-sounding content that featured keywords that pushed their website up the results page saw success over those who content-mined. Now we see voice search leaning even further into the ‘organic’ aspect of SEO content.

What Sets Voice Search Results Apart?

Voice search works by being conversational. Think of the last thing you Googled on your desktop or smartphone. You most likely didn’t type a full question. Once you hit ‘search’ you still need to scroll through the results to find something which suits your needs.

With voice search, you can ask that 12-word question as comfortably as if you were chatting with your friend on the phone. Siri, Cortana, Alexa, or whatever AI you spoke with will cheerfully return the internet’s consensus. Naturally, the SEO that would promote the shorter query is going to be different than the longer query. A website with content geared towards short bursts of specific keywords may find their results lagging in the world of voice searching.

What Voice Search Can Do for You

The good news is: integrating voice search into your content won’t be too difficult. Try to think of your web content as a conversation. If your customer was to ask a question about your product, what would the answer be? The truth is: customers are asking questions about your product, and you need your website to display the answer.

An easy way to do this is to start posting more frequently asked questions. A single page or questions broken out over multiple pages work equally well. Use conversational language on your website. You’ll find by placing keywords in the form of a question’s answer you’re optimizing your website for voice search. For assistance improving your SEO contact the website experts at Success City Online.

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