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How to Utilize Keyword Research for SEO

Search engine optimization is the part of your website you can’t afford to ignore. More commonly called SEO, search engine optimization uses unique keywords in your site’s content to rank higher on search engine results.

If you are a local Las Vegas jeweler specializing in resizing rings, you’ll want to appear first or second when someone searches ‘ring resizing Las Vegas’ on Google. If you have keywords related to ring resizing scattered strategically through your website, Google will trust you’re relevant to that specific search and place your website higher in the results.

While it sounds simple, utilizing keywords for SEO is an art that takes practice. Read on to learn more about how to use keyword research for SEO.

Why It’s So Important to Pay Attention to Your Keywords

More and more people are turning to the internet for their business needs. People search for the nearest dog groomer, Thai restaurant, and whiskey distillery all from their phone or computer. Whichever results pop up first tends to get the business.

Having keywords related to your business in the text content, blogs, and image alt tags increases your chance of showing up high in search engine results, increasing your chance of getting new customers.

Knowing which keywords are relevant to your business is where it gets tricky! Some may be obvious, such as ‘local (your business type),’ but others might be unexpected and therefore a new opportunity. It’s important to know which keywords you’re highlighting and which ones you’re neglecting to ensure you’re making the most of your website.

How to Research Your Keywords

Researching keywords is the first step to optimizing your website. To start, list out relevant but generic topics related to your business. The aforementioned Thai restaurant people might search for would likely show up under ‘local restaurants,’ ‘Thai food,’ and ‘Thai restaurants.’

From this list, break each generic topic down into more specific issues. Outside of ‘local restaurants,’ you might break it down to ‘local happy hour,’ ‘Las Vegas Thai restaurant,’ and ‘Henderson restaurant.’ Think of what someone searching for your restaurant might type in that you’d hope to show up under.

This brainstorm can be broad, as you’ll narrow it down later. The next step is to research these general terms—type in ‘Henderson restaurant’ or one of your specific keywords to Google. Scroll down to the bottom; suggest alternate words related to the one you entered. These terms are an insight into what Google promotes! Use these to identify your keywords.

Why Working With Success City Online Will Help Your SEO

All the work above is just how to identify your keywords; actually, incorporating them organically into your site takes another layer of effort.

Locating keywords and writing the content for them takes a lot of time and energy – and you could still miss the mark! Fortunately, Success City Online has a team of experts working with the best software on the market to identify keywords. Their writers can place the right keywords in the right places to help boost your SEO. Get results with Success City Online or give us a call today!

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