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How to Use Twitter Ads for Your Business

Why use Twitter ads? Simple. If your target audience is on Twitter, then it is best to use the ads. It provides you more cover on the social media platform — making you more visible to the potential leads you want to have. Of course, that is the short version of it.

  1. Twitter ads can let you specify the people you want to see your ads according to the accounts they follow. It is a simple method that can allow you to get a chance of being seen by your target audience.
  2. Aside from that, Twitter ads can let you target your niche according to keywords. Thankfully, it is much easier to do that since Twitter will aid you in this part. It will provide you with other relevant keywords that may allow you to narrow down the types of people you want to become your leads.
  3. Twitter is slightly looser than Facebook. The platform allows advertisers to put as much text as they want in their ad images.
  4. The limitation of only using 140 characters in an ad can be daunting. But it does not matter that much because your focus should be on your image. Regular Twitter posts work with only 140 characters. The same goes for the ads.
  5. Twitter only charges for every follower (depending on the ad setup you chose) — a CPA (Cost Per Action) advertising model. This means that if you just want to gain more users, you will only pay for results.

How to Use Twitter Ads

First, go to Sign in with your account, of course. Once you log in, you will be redirected to Twitter’s Ads dashboard. There, you will see an overview of the ads you have created — it will be unpopulated if you do not have an ad running yet.

To start an ad, click on the Create New Campaign button on the upper right. You will be provided with a small context menu that will contain the “goals” that you want to achieve during your campaign. Choose one that suits you.

You will then be redirected to the ad creation page. There are four steps involved in the ad creation:

  1. Overview: Fill in the required information such as your campaign’s name and when the campaign will start and end.
  2. Audience: Specify the people you want to see your ads.
  3. Budget: Specify the amount you want to spend on the campaign you are creating.
  4. Creatives: In this section, you will create the ad that people will see. Type the text that you want in the ad, and upload the image that the ad will show.

Twitter has hundreds of millions of users that you can connect with and show your products and service to. It helps you build an audience, drive website traffics and sales and raise brand awareness.

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