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By Kaira Farnsic,

In the universe of web design businesses, a debate/battle of sorts is currently under way, with designers on one side heavily defending the effectiveness and practicality of following the latest designing trends, and designers on the other defending the need for creativity and fresh inspiration. Which paradigm should the world of designers cater too? While it is true that following the latest trends in design will keep a website current and in the league, maintaining a healthy amount of creativity will also help to give extra edge on your viewers, hence, the internet at large.

The true nature of web designing and web application development is based, not only on creativity, but on effective creativity. There needn’t be a debate between practicality or creativity in web design, for the designer who is a true designer will understand the importance of the two going hand in hand. Before any web designer gets started on capturing some fabricated creative web design idea, he must always remember the designer’s rule of thumb:

Know your goal!

A successful web design company business is one that can establish what the business purpose of the website is and what the user’s objectives are. The businesses purpose of the website will define what kind of action you want your website to inspire the users to take in order to achieve your client’s business purpose. The user’s objective will define how the flow of the website should be. A designer’s primary goal is to establish the user’s desires and needs and to satisfy the end-user. What you don’t want is to spend a whole lot of time getting creative with some far-out design only to find that your end design missed the point of the website in the first place. The job of every web designer is to not just create great and colourful design, but to also understand both the user and end client’s views and work their requirements into the flow. A designer who can do this has a cutting advantage over those who don’t.

Lastly, a good point to remember is that great web design is not only about “how it looks” but about “how it works”. Creativity must effectively be alive in both fields without one over weighing the other. This is where it becomes extremely important to sit with the client and completely grasp the overall purpose of the design. At the end of the day, conversions is what your client’s website is all about, not only classy designs, fancy layouts, and impressive features.



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