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How to Reach The Right Customers With Your Website Design

If you’re not reaching the right customers with your website design, you’re wasting your marketing dollars. Investing in a quality website design is worth the effort if you effectively target your ideal consumer.

To do that, you need to, of course, know who your perfect consumer is, how to reach them, what they’ll come back for, and much more. The team here at Success City Online will guide you on reaching the right customers with your website design!

Find the Right Target Consumer for Your Brand

Think of your website as a conversation with someone you’ve never met before. You would likely want to greet the person first, then establish a tone for the chat, and finally settle on a topic to discuss.

Your website needs to do the same things, just online! What’s the point of having a conversation with someone who doesn’t want to hear it? Before you spend the time and money needed for a quality website design, find out who your ideal target consumer is. In other words, what kind of customer is the best for your brand? Think about who you want to see wearing or using your product. Consider their gender, economic status, and interests. If you can pinpoint a specific person, you can identify your target demographic as a whole.

Build a Foundational Website Design Tone

When designing a new website for a specific target consumer base, you need to start with a foundation. The overall look of your website will be the overall feel of it. When a prospective customer lands anywhere on your site, it should be identifiable as your brand, including the colors, logos, fonts, and flow.

In general, more straightforward websites have better conversion rates. Note that we don’t mean ‘boring’ when we say ‘simple’! Keep your colors between two and five. Too many core colors and you run the risk of looking disorganized. The same goes for fonts; one or two should suffice to separate headers from the text.

Stick to a flow that’s convenient for the product or service you’re selling. Sales-based sites can have a bold ‘shop here’ button, while service sites might want to walk a potential consumer through their process instead.

Personality is a Must for Quality Website Design

Once you have a foundation set that will help you reach the right customers for your website design, you can add content! Content is, in essence, anything that distinguishes you from the competition. It could be behind-the-scenes videos front-and-center or an entertaining blog.

You may even want to have bios for individual employees for added personal flair. The point of adding personality is to give customers something to attach to. With how much competition it is online, you have to stand out from the crowd. If they remember your business for its personality, they’ll likely come back to your business. Our experienced team creates content tailored to your brand, so you don’t have to lift a finger to show your personality!

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