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How to Effectively Use Pinterest for Your Business

Pinterest is one of the most widely used social media platforms today, but far too few people know how to use it effectively. It’s easy enough to put up a board and track your interests correctly. Pinterest can help build your brand, audience, and take your social media presence to new heights. Kick off your social media marketing with these simple tricks you can apply to your Pinterest account.

Pins Can Add Value to Your Profile

Pinterest is all about pins. The more pins you have, the more valuable your profile is. There’s a caveat here, which is that you shouldn’t just randomly pin anything you want. It would help if you made pins that count. The best ones tell a story, are visually engaging, and make people want to click through them.

Keep your brand front and center. Make the image vertical with a 2:3 aspect ratio, include your logo, and overlay text to capture interest. Always remember to optimize your profile to gain more traction. Finally, check and double-check your links. Make sure they function.

Use this platform to your advantage. Watch to see what other people are pinning, and do some regular research on current and upcoming trends. If you can stay ahead of the game, you’ll get much more utility out of your account. In general, Pinterest is about creativity and outside-the-box thinking. It’s about keeping things fun and open-minded. Users are looking to be inspired. It’s where people go to start a new project or find a new idea.

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Know Your Target Audience and Demographics

Women make up over 60% of Pinterest users, with Gen Z and men rising by about 50%. Millennials are up by 35% per year. 85% of Pinterest users say this platform is where they find inspiration or guidance on a new project. 97% of searchers do not include a specific brand, which means you can draw in new people just by appealing to what they want.

Add Video and Profit

People love videos. When you add a video pin, lead off with a hook right away. Include an action item to get people engaged. Keep it short — between 6 and 15 seconds. Show what you want to show; don’t just talk. Use captions, images, and overlays. Keep your cover image dynamic and your title substantial at fewer than 100 characters and fewer than 500 characters for a description.

Create Your Brand

Pinterest is the place for you to create and establish your brand. People aren’t looking for specific brands here; they’re looking for what interests them. With the right moves, you can make that your brand. Keep your content consistent, engaging, and educational, you’ll be well on your way.

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