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How Does Your Business Connect With and Support Community?

How can my business connect with and support its communities? Networking is largely connected to your online presence. Getting involved both online and offline can make a massive impact on your business growth. Let’s explore ways to make community outreach a part of your digital marketing strategy.

How to Get Set Up for Success

Do you connect with your online community? Connecting with your community online is all about being proactive. Creating and maintaining a robust online presence is critical when connecting with your audiences. One of our favorite ways to connect with target audiences directly and showcase community involvement is through social media. 

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Is your social media optimized for searchability and engagement? Social media platforms provide tools to pinpoint your community and connect with them. Promote events, community activities, client-business relationships, and more using social media. Content like this attracts attention and delivers conversion metrics like link clicks. As a part of a larger marketing strategy, community involvement and social media attract more prospects into your sales funnel.

With community posts, we recommend geolocation tags to better target your local demographic. This is especially important if your business operates in a specific area. Using this strategy, you can attract new followers and grow a community that is both receptive to your sales message and is in a position to do business with you.

Making Business Connections

Are you actively seeking out connection opportunities? Participate in local organizations that promote business or topics that involve your success. This content strategy shows your business’ values and character. Often, organizations will also spotlight businesses that are involved with their organization which increases that business’ reach.

Customers are not the only audience to consider. Prioritize connecting with your business community. You’ll find opportunities to collaborate, connect, and cross-promote on social media. Even if one connection does not result in collaboration, growing your network will lead to other opportunities.

Why Community Connections Matters

The best way to illustrate the impact community connections make is to give an example. Maria Bailey, CEO of Success City Online, was recently given the position of At Large Director on the Henderson Chamber of Commerce Executive Board. The connections she formed while working with the HCC proved invaluable for growing Success City Online and establishing our place in the community. As a result, we have had the opportunity to establish ourselves as the go-to Las Vegas social media management company. 

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In the end, connecting with and supporting your local community is an excellent strategy for growing your business. However, this is easier said than done in many cases.

Success City Online offers social media management services and roadmaps to success that will help your company grow. For more information on how we can help you with business and community development, visit us at today.

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