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Henderson Website Designers: Everything Wrong With Your Site

When you’ve been in the website designing game for a while, you begin to see repeating problems in inexperienced business owner’s sites. Modern consumers are flooded with competitive business and advertising practices constantly, and making your business’ site not only stand out but also appealing could make or break your business.

Nowadays, websites are an essential part of selling your services; so why are so many businesses failing to follow basic site etiquette? There are a few key things which outline where your site could go off the rails, and our top Henderson website designers are here to show you everything wrong with your site.

Website Preparation

As with most things in life, launching your business’ website is best done with a healthy dose of preparation. A website is a support tool which allows potential customers a peek into your business, be it through online product listings, general information, or a stunning album of work examples. Without a sturdy brand for your site to promote, even the most flawlessly designed pages will fall flat.

We see many Henderson clients come in with their brand only half fleshed out; time and time again, these nearly-complete brands fail to see a return on investment with their site. Customers these days are looking for a company completely sure of themselves, so start off by actually being confident. This means having an established logo, pleasing but recognizable color scheme, and plenty of quality web content for them to browse through.

Speaking of quality web content, keep in mind your target audience when launching a site. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to appeal to literally everybody. Brands which try to overreach end up alienating themselves from qualified customers.

If you walked up to a woman looking at sunglasses, would you try to sell her football tickets? No! It’s a painful thing to witness in the web designing business, but we see all too many businesses try to do this with their audiences. In order to create good web content, you need to have an audience to be speaking to. Once you identify such an audience, it’s time to speak!

Search Engine Optimization

The goal of a website is ultimately to have plenty of qualified traffic flowing through it. In order to get this traffic, you need to make sure you’re using search engine optimization effectively. It’s not a hard thing to grasp, but so many companies write it off as being a waste of time and then sit scratching their heads as to why they’re not getting clicks.

Put simply, search engine optimization (or SEO) is the art of using keywords to reach target audiences. Google, as an example, has millions of websites to sort through when a person types in their search query.

In order to show the most relevant website, it’s algorithm powers through the words on millions of sites and finds the one which shows the most (appropriately used!) words related to the search. By knowing what your target audience intends to search for, you can sprinkle in those words and increase the likelihood of your site showing up on the first page of results.

Mobile View

The last thing which could lead your site into failure is not being optimized for mobile viewing. Most consumers nowadays run their lives off their phone, which means a site needs to be formatted for mobile. There are two ways this can be done: responsive or mobile friendly. Responsive sites mean all the content on your site changes depending on how it’s being viewed.

On larger screens, information may be spread out in order to cover the larger space, but on mobile devices, it may move into a vertical scrolling display to allow for easier reading. Mobile friendly sites are different in that they don’t change at all across platforms, and instead work equally well on both forms of technology.

Neither is necessarily better than the other, but responsive sites have seen a huge boom amongst Henderson website designers lately. Responsive tends to be more visually appealing, as the limitations imposed by mobile-friendly formatting prevents many videos, menu bars, and even images from appearing correctly. Fortunately, you can leave those difficult choices to the experts! Let digital marketing agency Success City Online guide you in building a website that will not only look great but increase your website traffic.

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