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Henderson Website Design Company Shares Why Now is the Best Time to Update Your Site

The entirety of the Las Vegas Valley, including Henderson, has seen an enormous boom in new companies and they’ve come with brand new shiny websites. Failing to keep up with what your competitors are doing is a surefire way to lose clients, and simply stalking their site to see what they’re blogging about won’t do you any justice in the long run. A good website design company will make sure you stay on the straight and narrow, and we’re here to share why now is the best time to update your company’s website.

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There are a few key reasons why maintaining an updated site is important, and the first one is traffic. Simply put, a well-kept site will allow users to trust it. No matter what market or field you are in, having an up-to-date website builds a connection with customers. Whether it’s having current product availability or a regular blog, it shows you’re there to engage with them.

Something which hasn’t been updated in a long time means you don’t pay attention to it with customers. In their minds, if you’re not paying attention to yourself, are you going to pay any mind to them? Should your blog be left untouched for a few years while your competitor’s is updated every month, potential customers are more likely to go with them simply because of that small bit of engagement.


Our second touching point will always fall to design. As a website design company, we pride ourselves on creating modern, easy to navigate sites which are visually interesting to consumers. With all of the competition blooming around Henderson and Las Vegas, you want yourself to stand out.

Gone are the days when a customer will wander into your store based solely on the signs out front. Ushered in is a time where a potential customer has already Googled you, read reviews, and checked out a few pages on your site before giving you a call. You can stay ahead of this proactivity by making sure your site is modern and intriguing; old, outdated looks will tell people your product isn’t up to snuff with your competitor’s.


The last key point to consider when thinking about updating your site is security. Website security is crucial in this day and age. Heading back to engagement and how it makes your customers trust you, security does the same thing. When a website design company updates your website, it checks for any concerns or issues which might compromise your business.

Any leaks get patched, preventing uncomfortable information slips. Ever hear of a corporation whose client information got leaked? Of course, you have! Does it make you trust the company less? It does, and the same thing will happen should your site be insecure in any way. Don’t hesitate! For a great website design, contact Success City Online.

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